Globus Toolkit Support Overview

Support for the Globus Toolkit is provided through documentation, software updates, mailing lists, bugs and training events/forums.


If you have a question, please read the documentation first.

Software Updates

After you have read the appropriate documentation, please take a quick look at our advisories page to see if an update has been released which addresses your issue. The advisories page contains software updates to our releases and is kept up to date.

Mailing Lists

For general discussion or specific questions you cannot find the answers to in the documentation, try asking your question on one of the mailing lists below:

Developer discussion: The purpose of the gt-dev list is for discussions pertaining to any *development* of the toolkit components or using the toolkit components.
User discussion: The purpose of the gt-user list is for discussion pertaining to installation, configuration, administration, usage, and your own development of Grid services based on GT, and just about anything else related to the Globus Tookit in general.
Announcements: The purpose of the gt-announce list is to receive communications about the toolkit (in particular announcements of releases and other major milestones). This list is not intended for discussion.

Please report any potential security issues by sending mail to Please include information about the component, version number, platform and a description of the vulnerability. All reports will be kept private. We will review all issues and notify users via the gt-user mailing list.


If you do not see an update and think you have found a bug in the Toolkit, do a quick search in the GitHub issues for your bug. If it is not already there, then create a new issue.

Before submitting a bug, you might find How to Report Bugs Effectively helpful in expediting your bugs resolution.


There are various training options available around the world, including presentations, workshops, commercial training and conferences:

  • GT Presentations
    • Globus Toolkit has published various tutorials and presentations; Globus Presentations includes links to Ian Fosters' recent talks as well as various overviews and powerpoint presentations.
  • Conferences
    • GlobusWorld (GW) : For key players in Grid computing, GlobusWORLD has become the can't-miss event where leading technology producers and consumers debate and discuss real-world Grid technologies, tools and solutions. 
    • Super Computing Conference (SC): Participants in the Globus Alliance present a wide range of tutorials, technical papers, and posters at this premier international conference on high performance computing, networking and storage.
    • Open Grid Forum (OGF) is a community-initiated forum of thousands of individuals from industry and research leading the global standardization effort for grid computing.