GT 4.0.5 Incremental Release Notes

GT 4.0.5 Incremental Release Notes

1. Introduction

The Globus Toolkit development team is pleased to provide a new incremental release of the Globus Toolkit 4.0. Users who wish to receive the latest bug fixes and new features are encouraged to install this release. Highlights of 4.0.5 include:

  • Several bug fixes in all components, itemized below
  • New features in MDS and WS GRAM - These new features are all off by default unless turned on in config files, and all new features are backward compatible.

This page describes only the changes since the 4.0.4 release. For details regarding previous 4.0 releases, see:

2. Obtaining and Installing Software

To download this release, go to the 4.0.5 Download page.

For information on installing this release, go to the 4.0 Installation Guide.

3. Documentation

Use the existing documentation for 4.0, which starts at For more information about how our new documentation is structured, please see the new Documentation Overview.

4. Support

An overview on GT support can be found here.

5. Licensing

The Globus Toolkit is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

To view the licenses of the 3rd party software used by the developers of the Globus Toolkit, click here.

6. Usage Statistics

For full information about usage statistics collected by GT 4.0.5 and how to opt-out, see Usage Statistics Collection by the Globus Alliance.

7. Summary of Changes Since 4.0.4

7.1. Common Runtime Components

7.1.1. Java WS Core

The following changes have occurred for Java WS Core:

  • Updated version of Apache Commons Collection to version 3.2.
  • Certain internal API components have been extended to better support optimized service-to-service communication within the same container JVM process. All modified APIs have maintained interface-level backward compatibility.

    • Classes modified:

      • org.globus.wsrf.Constants
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.ResourceContextImpl
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.SimpleSubscriptionTopicListener
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.notification.PersistentSubscription
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.notification.SimpleSubscription
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.notification.SubscribeHelper
      • org.globus.wsrf.impl.notification.SubscriptionHome

    • Classes added:

      • org.globus.wsrf.LocalInvocationEnabledSubscription
      • org.globus.axis.utils.MessageContextHelper

7.1.2. Python WS Core

  • Dependency Twisted >= 2.5.0
  • wsdl2web site deployments no longer require TAC files, sites include IServiceMaker plugins, which automatically are loaded as twistd commands (see
  • samples/globus contains several clients including myproxy, RFT, ws-gram, delegation, index service, container registry.
  • Moved all IResourceHome implementations into the pyGridWare.plugins package.

7.2. Security

7.2.1. GSI OpenSSH

  • Updated GPT package from 3.9 to 4.0.
  • Upgraded to OpenSSH 4.6p1.
  • Upgraded to HPN12v17 patch.

7.3. Data Management

7.3.1. Replica Location Service (RLS)

The RLS is now built and installed as part of the default toolkit installation from both the source and binary distributions. The RLS now includes an embedded database as part of the installation. Following installation, the RLS will be fully configured to use the embedded database. For existing users of the RLS, the RLS installation may be configured to use a DBMS server as usual. In addition to the embedded database support, this release includes portability improvements for Mac OSX and AIX platforms.

To view the bug fixes, click here.

7.3.2. Data Replication Service (DRS)

The DRS is now installed as part of the default toolkit installation from both the source and binary distributions.

7.4. Information Services

As of 4.0.5, two new components have been added to WS MDS:

  • UsefulRP: extensible software component that can be used to dynamically generate XML values for one or more WSRF Resource Properties in any given GT4 Java WSRF-Core compatible service. For more information, click here.
  • Information Providers: used to gather information either via execution aggregator sources (in the Aggregator Framework) or via UsefulRP. For more information, click here.

7.4.1. WS MDS Aggregator Framework

Usage statistics (service name, current and total registrations, and start time) are now being collected for aggregator services.

7.4.2. WS MDS Trigger Service

The following new features were added:

  • Support for namespace mappings
  • Support for specification of an invalidityTime, a time period during which a trigger is disabled.
  • Support for several new flags which control the behavior of triggers

    • evaluateBoolean -- specifies that a trigger should be fired if on boolean true (not just on null results)
    • enableFilteredActionScriptInput - sends filtered output in addition to full xml to the action script
    • disableUnmodifiedActionScriptInput - disables sending of full xml to the action script
  • Support for multiple trigger rules per registration

7.4.3. WS MDS WebMDS

The following new features have been added since 4.0.4:

  • Improved error reporting.
  • Support for user-specified XPath queries.
  • New XSL transforms to show the list of available services and their full EPRs
  • Sorting and optional automatic refresh in the standard view.
  • Improved support for definitions of custom summary lines for new data types in the standard view.

Because this is a minor release, these new features are disabled by default; see the administrator's guide for instructions for enabling them.

7.5. Execution Management

7.5.1. WS GRAM

There are a number of new features and performance improvements in 4.0.5. We highly recommend upgrading to this version over 4.0.4. Since we have these new features, it bears reminding of the policy for them in GT point releases. Interoperability must be maintained and any new features must be turned off by default. That way a user will not be impacted, unless they choose to turn on a new feature.

Below is the list if new features in 4.0.5:

7.5.2. Pre-WS GRAM

The major change for Pre-WS GRAM in 4.0.5 was to add support for generating a service audit record and upload of the record to a database. More can be read from the following:

Overall bugzilla campaign

Pre-WS GRAM specific campaign

TeraGrid 2007 Paper on GRAM Auditing

Talk (powerpoint)

To view the bug fix, click here.

7.5.3. GridWay (4.0.5+ only)


This is a new contribution as of this release.

Since GridWay 5.2, development activities have been focused on easing the integration of GridWay with the major Grid infrastructures: EGEE, TeraGrid and OSG. As a result, the flexibility of GridWay has been considerably improved. In addition, an important effort has been made to improve the reliability of GridWay's core.

Also, GridWay 5.2.1 is the first release shipped with the Globus Toolkit. Therefore, some modifications have been introduced to build and install GridWay in a GT tree: the directory layout has been slighly changed, and support to build GridWay with GPT has been added.

New to GridWay 5.2.1:

Integration with major Grid Infrastructures

GridWay 5.2.1 can be easily integrated with all the major Grid infrastructures. Its functionality has been extended to operate different Grid deployments, which includes support for different execution/transfer schemes, information models and service configurations.

Improved Reliability

Previous GridWay releases do not handle MAD crashes. GridWay 5.2.1 will reload a MAD process whenever a MAD is killed or crashed.

New Information model

The dynamic information of a host gathered from the Grid Information server can be mixed with custom variables defined by the GridWay administrator. This functionality is very useful when you need to extend the information scheme but have no access to the Grid server. For example, you can use this new feature to add software or license attributes to grid resources that can subsequently be used for resource requirement expressions.

Configuration Interface for MADs

Middleware Access Drivers need some environment variables to work properly. Usually, sudo must be configured to preserve these variables (e.g. GLOBUS_LOCATION or GW_LOCATION). GridWay 5.2.1 has a new configuration interface to ease this configuration. In this way, global (and per user) environment variables can be defined for MAD execution. This new feature allows GridWay to work with delegated credentials when configured with a GRAM interface.

Flexible definition of file transfer servers

A GridFTP server, different from the GRAM server, can be defined for file staging. The storage server must be defined (SE_HOSTNAME, attribute) for those resources operated on in this way. This can be done either by modifying the IM's MAD or using the new static-dynamic information model.

Support for JSDL HPC profile

Now job templates can be also defined using the OGF standard JSDL HPC profile.

8. All Fixed Bugs Since 4.0.4

8.1. Common Runtime Components

8.1.1. Java WS Core

The following bugs were fixed for Java WS Core:

  • Bug 5071: Build failure with JDK 1.6 and Ant 1.7
  • Bug 5387: Persistent notification fails expecting default credentials (Issue with Java Subject serialization)

8.1.2. Python WS Core

  • 5018 wsdl2web errors
  • 5075 ProxyPathValidatorException: The keyCertSign and nonRepudiation bits must not be asserted in Proxy Certificate
  • 5129 getNotificationConsumerPort should be getNotificationConsumer
  • 5130 wsdl2web: getMathPort(**kw) should be getMathPortType(**kw) ??

8.1.3. C Common Libraries

  • Bug 930: inttypes.h included without testing if it's present
  • Bug 4586: int64_t not defined on Suse9/x86_64 for non-gcc compilers
  • Bug 5118: Incorrect inttypes.h/stdint.h order causes HP-UX build failure in GT4.0.4
  • Bug 5297: Invalid Nexus Message can cause crash

8.2. Security

8.2.1. SimpleCA

  • Bug 4819: grid-cert-request -help returns error

8.2.2. GSI OpenSSH

8.3. Data Management

8.3.1. Reliable File Transfer (RFT)

8.3.2. GridFTP

  • Bug 4861: Problem with HTTP chunked mode transfer in globus-url-copy
  • Bug 5192: Setting gridftp usage_stats_target not working

8.3.3. Replica Location Service (RLS)

  • Bug 2601: Missing 'sigset' linking error
  • Bug 2821: GT3.9.5: jni.h not found when compiling RLS on MacOS X
  • Bug 3253: GT4 build fails on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
  • Bug 4570: RLS binaries not included in x86_64 binary builds
  • Bug 5344: Invalid length parameter passed to SQLSetConnectionAttr(...)
  • Bug 5346: SQLiteODBC build problem on MacOSX
  • Bug 5364: odbc.ini driver settings do not use os specific lib extensions
  • Bug 5370: RLS server portability improvements

8.4. Information Services

8.4.1. WS MDS WebMDS

The following bugs were fixed for WebMDS:

  • Bug 5376: WebMDS ignores contentType parameters in configuration

8.5. Execution Management

8.5.1. WS GRAM

  • Bug 5009: globusrun-ws output for bad -Ft is unhelpful (part2)
  • Bug 5128: GRAM LSF job monitor uses INT32_MAX (undefined on Tru64 Unix)
  • Bug 3841: User home directory should be cached
  • Bug 4474: globus-gridmap-and-execute problem with additional PDPs
  • Bug 5081: xml extensions naming inconsistencies
  • Bug 5334: gram audit DB schemas missing in binary installers
  • Bug 4174: GRAM should check for needed Perl modules
  • Bug 5383: GRAM recovery: jobs with staging fail if they already passed the staging state.

8.5.2. Pre-WS GRAM

  • Bug 5091: Incomplete jobmanager contact string crashes gram client
  • Bug 5268: myjob crash when GLOBUS_GRAM_MYJOB_CONTACT is unset

8.5.3. GridWay (4.0.5+ only)

  • Bug 5090: Autotools broken when --disable-jsdl and --disable-ws flags enabled
  • Bug 5113: GridWay does not execute custom monitor scripts
  • Bug 5333: An alternative wrapper can not be specified with relative paths
  • Bug 5231: Possible errors for the deadline policy
  • Bug 5114: Host information is not updated when a parse error occurs
  • Bug 5202: Buffer overflow in gwhost
  • Bug 5302: Scheduler dies when a user is reload
  • Bug 4922: Middleware drivers are not reloaded when they crash
  • Bug 5251: WS IM_MAD launches one java process per host for monitoring
  • Bug 5320: Control the number of active IM MADs

9. Known Problems As of 4.0.5

9.1. Common Runtime Components

9.1.1. Java WS Core

  • Limitations

    • WS-Notification support:

      • Only the Simple topic dialect is supported (others can be added)
      • Only flat topic spaces are supported (architecture does allow for more advanced structures)
      • Actions on the precondition, selector and policy fields in a subscription are not supported
      • When a resource is removed its subscriptions are not removed automatically
    • Only XPath resource property queries are supported (others can be added)
    • A resource might not get destroyed at the exact time as indicated by the scheduled termination time. A sweeper thread that removes expired resources runs periodically (every 1 minute by default) so an expired resource might not get removed until the next time the sweeper thread runs.
    • SOAP messages with attachments are not supported. In fact, the Axis version distributed with GT was compiled without attachment support.
    • In certain cases, the "dialect" attribute of TopicExpression or QueryExpression is not serialized properly as defined in the schema. An "org.globus.dialect.attr.qualified" Java system property was added to control how the serialization of the dialect attribute. Please see the Bug 3513 for details.
    • The saml protocol namespace, urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.0:protocol is included in the default list of namespaces to exclude during stub generation. Since core does not use all elements of this namespace, stubs are not generated for all elements in the namespace. Since this namespace is in the default excludes list, stubs will not be generated if the target is used with defaul values for ns.excludes. This has been fixed since this release, but to override this behaviour, set the ns.excludes property appropriately for the generateStubs target. Setting that property to be an empty string will result in stubs being generated for all namespaces.
  • Known Bugs

    • Bug 2471: Message security signature verification issues
    • Bug 2445: Same input and output messages in WSDL confuse Axis
    • Bug 2921: Support for TerminationTimeChangeRejectedFault
    • Bug 2926: Local transport does not work without a current MessageContext
    • Bug 3113: Processing by the WSDLPreprocessor produces output different depending on the JVM
    • Bug 3482: wsa:From is not set correctly when service calls another service
    • Bug 3483: xsd:anyType not serialized correctly
    • Bug 4432: SimpleTopic.notify(SOAPElement element) drop child elements
    • Bug 4566: globus-deploy-gar insists that ANT_HOME be set
    • Bug 4831: GWSDL RP Inheritence Limited
    • Bug 5071: Problems in building GT 4.0.4 with Java 1.6 and Ant 1.7

9.1.2. C WS Core

  • Multiple schemas which use the same namespace prefixes can confuse the WSDL parser.
  • Nillable elements are not serialized or deserialized correctly if the element does not contain the minOccurs="0" attribute
  • The service engine and clients are not thread-safe

9.1.3. Python WS Core

For information on existing bugs, click here.

9.1.4. XIO

  • Bug 2219: xio_close in an xio callback hangs
  • Bug 2530: END_OF_ENTITY
  • Bug 3082: context leak
  • Bug 3147: XIO doesn't provide for multiplexed drivers passing down driver_handle_cntl
  • Bug 4186: Some GRAM security errors less informative than before
  • Bug 4354: Encryption may cause a deadlock.
  • Bug 4429: Memory leaks when using GSI driver from XIO library.
  • Bug 4624: globus_xio_close() dumps a core
  • Bug 4995: occasional hanging in threaded XIO
  • Bug 5004: Failed assert in globus_l_xio_system_unregister_write on x86_64 platform

9.1.5. C Common Libraries

  • Bug 484: Mem leak on deactivate_all
  • Bug 686: globus_mutex_lock() behaves differently on Unix -vs- Win32
  • Bug 1141: Misleading error messages using globus-makefile-header
  • Bug 2791: Command globus-domainname needs g11n
  • Bug 2793: Command globus-generalized-time needs g11n
  • Bug 2794: Command globus-hostname needs g11n
  • Bug 3081: Small leak in libltldl
  • Bug 3107: Fatal error: tcp_init(): globus_io_tcp_create_listener() ...
  • Bug 3436: globus_uuid MAC address retrieval doesn't work on solaris
  • Bug 3610: globus-makefile-header returns bad field
  • Bug 4035: MacOS threading issues
  • Bug 4097: Signal handling probrem on MacOS X
  • Bug 4318: Pkgdata needs to make source dir explicit
  • Bug 4348: globus-makefile-header generates invalid makefile for Index Service bindings

9.2. Security

9.2.1. Community Authorization Service (CAS)

No new problems are known to exist at the time of the GT 4.0.5 release.

9.2.2. Delegation Service

No new problems are known to exist for the Delegation Service at the time of GT 4.0.5 release.

9.2.3. Message-level Security

No new problems are known to exist at the time of the GT 4.0.5 release.

9.2.4. WS Authorization Framework

No new problems are known to exist for WS Authorization Framework at the time of the GT 4.0.5 release.

9.2.5. Pre-WS Authentication and Authorization

No new problems are known to exist for Pre-WS Authentication & Authorization at the time of the 4.0.5 release.

9.2.6. MyProxy

  • Bug 2709: The MyProxy package isn't internationalized.

9.2.7. SimpleCA

There are no new known problems for SimpleCA at the time of the 4.0.5 release.

9.2.8. GSI OpenSSH

No problems are known to exist for GSI-OpenSSH at the time of the 4.0.5 release.

9.2.9. SweGrid Accounting System (SGAS)

You can find information about known issues here.

9.3. Data Management

9.3.1. Reliable File Transfer (RFT)

  • Bug 3121: Bug in enforcing maximum active transfers in a container

9.3.2. GridFTP

  • Bug 3324: gridftpd croaking on startup - globus_l_io_tcp_contact_string failed
  • Bug 3214: Backend of GT4 GridFTPd should ignore ~/.globus/certificates
  • Bug 3387: client library doesn't respect GLOBUS_HOSTNAME
  • Bug 3622: gridftp server improperly handles detach option in config file
  • Bug 3761: globus_ftp_control library hangs at various places (depending on os)
  • Bug 3807: "not a plain file" could be "file not found"
  • Bug 3845: data channel authentication failure
  • Bug 4119: Malformed UTF-8 character problem in globus-ftp-client tests
  • Bug 4274: client library has no default striping layout.

9.3.3. Replica Location Service (RLS)

  • Threading/Libc Problems: set LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.2.5 in your environment and see Platform Notes for more information.
  • Bug 3656: ACLs cannot be modified dynamically
  • Bug 3828: RLSClient crashes when a null parameter is passed to a method
  • Bug 4114: Java apis fail on 64 bit machine (patch available)
  • Bug 4141: regexec call in auth.c's auth_getperms
  • Bug 4142: globus-rls-admin -s always indicates RLI does not exist
  • Bug 4512: RLS query returns incomplete result on 64bit system (patch available)
  • Bug 4630: RLS java client cannot load libaries through JNI on Mac (see workaround)


The following problems are known to exist for OGSA-DAI at the time of the 4.0.5 release and will be addressed in the future. If you have any others that you feel should be added to this list then please let us know.

You may also want to consult the platform-specific FAQ and general FAQ. Additional information may be posted in the advisories page which report any problems since the release, or the OGSA-DAI bugzilla which may also have information on any problems with the current release.

  • Performance:

    • Accessing the databaseSchema property for DB2/Cloudscape can sometimes retrieve unrelated meta-data and also cause OGSA-DAI to crash.
    • Accessing the databaseSchema property for Oracle causes a server-side java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.
    • Attempting to return a very large data set in a Response document can cause a server-side java.lang.OutOfMemoryError. This can be avoided by submitting an asynchronous request (one that uses an outputStream) and retrieving the results using a data service's data transport operations.
    • Queries of tables for millions of small rows can eventually cause a server-side java.lang.OutOfMemoryError even if using stream activities and data transport operations.
    • The fileWritingActivity attempts to read the whole file in a oner and so could cause a server-side java.lang.OutOfMemoryError for very large files.
    • Some databases, such as dBASE IV database on Microsoft Windows 2000, allow unusual characters, such as 0xC to be contained in certain field types. When field values containing this character, OGSA-DAI encodes them into invalid XML that subsequently causes Xerces-dependent components to raise an org.xml.sax.SAXParseException. Activities that have two outputs can sometimes cause java.lang.OutOfMemoryErrors to occur server-side if manipulating large amounts of data. This can arise when using the GZIP activities for example.

      • Such activities are driven by one of the two connected activities and the other activity can accumulate data without processing it. So, for example for the GZIP activities OGSA-DAI focuses on the GZIP meta-data output steam and data only flows from this stream when a file has been completely unzipped. Therefore for large files the whole contents of the file flows into the activity and is buffered without being sent on.
      • OGSA-DAI's GZIP activities will warn if memory usage is close to maximum and throw an OGSA-DAI exception server-side so that the web services container does not crash.
  • Error and exception handling:

    • The failure of a single activity in a request can cause the status of all activities to be set to ERROR, even those that are not connected and succeeded.
    • The data transport activities can gulp exceptions. For example if an sqlQueryStatement with a incorrectly formed SQL query statment is connected to an outputStream activity then attempting to pull data from the outputStream using the data transport operations results in no data - no indication of an error is given to the client.
    • The methods can sometimes log the wrong line numbers. Searching the logs will usually reveal where the problem actually arose.
  • Security:

    • Encrypted role map files are currently unsupported.
    • If a client does not provide a certificate then deliverFromGridFTP and deliverToGridFTP in a request will fail.
  • File activities:

    • The fileAccessActivity encodes text line-by-line if Base 64 encoding is being used. This may give different results from encoding a whole file in a oner.
    • In fileWritingActivity, EOF means "end of file" when perLine has value false but "end of line" when perLine has value true.
    • In fileWritingActivity only strings from its input stream are handled. Other block types e.g. bytes are ignored.
  • General:

    • Note that when deploying new data service resources dynamically via configurable data service this only works if the JARs required by the data service resource (e.g. database driver JARs) are already within the web service container's library directories. If this is not the case then the container has to be restarted.
    • The data service terminate operation currently does nothing. It is intended as a placeholder for future development.
    • Meta-data from a database, returned in the databaseSchema property, can be case-sensitive depending upon the database. For example MySQL might return a table called littleblackbook while DB2 returns LITTLEBLACKBOOK.
    • The class contains unimplemented methods which throw java.lang UnsupportedMethodException.
    • Conversion of java.sql.ResultSet to XML WebRowSet returns empty key-column and map properties in the properties element.
    • deliverFromGridFTP and deliverToGridFTP do not allow the setting of certain GridFTP parameters.
  • There is no support in the client toolkit for certain activities. These include:

    • directoryAccessActivity
    • fileAccessActivity
    • fileManipulationActivity
    • deliverFromFTP
    • deliverToFTP
    • gzipDecompression
  • The deliverToStream activity only works if services are deployed in Tomcat.

9.3.5. Data Replication Service (DRS)

  • See Java WS Core buglist concerning container freeze, which may affect DRS performance: Bug 3502: Container freezes (CPU spin) when making remote call between ws-resources. See record for WORKAROUND.
  • Bug 4231: DRS does not implement subscription/notification

9.4. Information Services

9.4.1. WS MDS Trigger Service

9.4.2. Web MDS

9.5. Execution Management

9.5.1. WS GRAM

  • Bug 5247:job cancellation can lead to container hanging
  • Bug 5363:UUID cache cleanup
  • Bug 5397:GRAM4 recovery of persisted job resources needs to be reviewed
  • Bug 4761:Scheduler Tutorial is missing WS-GRAM setup package
  • Bug 4778:WS-Fork job manager doesn't set environment up for mpi jobs
  • Bug 4787:no lifetime management for WS Rendezvous
  • Bug 4790:stdout RP gets null
  • Bug 4817:Condor OS and ARCH do not have dynamic defaults
  • Bug 4859:globusrun-ws staging error after gt4 deployed to tomcat
  • Bug 4864:environment variables containing '=' get escaped
  • Bug 4874:LRUCache problem during job submission from Condor-G to GRAM4
  • Bug 4898:Streaming problem with globusrun-ws
  • Bug 4908:Stage out failes in
  • Bug 4918:user account details are cached even for unknown users
  • Bug 4944:Multijob resources never yield to memory pressure and can't be destroyed
  • Bug 4968:WS-Notification error: java.lang.ClassCastException: org.globus.exec.generated.StateChangeNotificationMessageWrapperType cannot be cast to org.w3c.dom.Element
  • Bug 4981:Hundreds of thousands of bogus entries in PBS server logs
  • Bug 4984:Change in behaviour in usage of client-generated job resource keys
  • Bug 4989:PBS environment var limit not tested
  • Bug 5015:null pointer exception when submitting job to nightly build
  • Bug 5020:implementation of myceil in
  • Bug 4513:LD_LIBRARY_PATH should not be set if no library_path is specified
  • Bug 4550:Multijob code not checking for existence of job credential
  • Bug 3529:setup/postinstall fatal errors should be warnings
  • Bug 3726:GlobusRun error message typo
  • Bug 3910:Bad permissions on condor log file prevents job submissions
  • Bug 4684:Loading persisted jobs with expired delegation resources causes stacktraces
  • Bug 5017:gram[24] tests that need to be updated
  • Bug 3948:Service must release all of its resources on deactivation
  • Bug 3384:Inconsistent jobType/count parameter semantics
  • Bug 3571:ant not found during install
  • Bug 3575:SEG dependent on GLOBUS_LOCATION env var
  • Bug 3672:Streaming with PBS fails
  • Bug 3803:Default scratchDirectory doesn't exist
  • Bug 4216:Empty submit_test/submitxxx.err causes FAILure in Local tests
  • Bug 4452:job submission response is effected by java 1.5 thread processing
  • Bug 4464:setting the mpirun/exec path used for mpi jobs
  • Bug bug
  • Bug 4597:Globus/Condor integration issues on HP-UX
  • Bug 4719:globus runs /usr/bin/env without checking for \u
  • Bug 4734:Missing wsa:Action for GRAM4 rendezvous register operations
  • Bug 4749:client receives no state notifications if RSL gram:count is big

9.5.2. Pre-WS GRAM

  • Bug 1550: Fixes for race condition in job manager
  • Bug 1934: Gatekeeper's syslog output cannot be controlled
  • Bug 3373: globus removes the temporary job directory before pbs wri...
  • Bug 3428: globus-personal-gatekeeper -list failing
  • Bug 2739: Gatekeeper AuthZ/Gridmap Callout result logging
  • Bug 2741: catching SIGSEGV if dynamic loading of authorization modu...
  • Bug 4235: globus-job-manager doesn't exit if the job fails.
  • Bug 4360: globus-job-get-output bug prevents output delivery, PBS jobmanager affected. See also globus-job-clean, globus-job-cancel
  • Bug 4450: GT 4.0.1 globus-gatekeeper hang on UC/ANL TeraGrid
  • Bug 4730: MPI Jobs using Globus LSF in HP XC Cluster....
  • Bug 4747: Need evaluation of patch to
  • Bug 4771: date bug in job manager log file
  • Bug 4905: fails silently when globus-version is missing
  • Bug 5143: DONE state never reported for Condor jobs when using Condor-G grid monitor
  • Bug 5200: GRAM (pre-webservices) from OSG 0.6.0 (VDT 1.6.1) has bad syslog format
  • Bug 5207: GRAM SoftEnv extension bug
  • Bug 5272: Invalid parsing of RSL file

9.5.3. GridWay (4.0.5+ only)

The following is a list of all of the bugs known at the time for the 4.0.5 release:

9.5.4. Workplace Management Service (WMS)

  • The LeasedAccountsResource implementation will quarantine an account if the expiration script fails for any reason; but currently we provide no user friendly mechanism for manually un-quarantining the account when the situation is cleared by an administrator. We are planning to release an update shortly.

9.6. Cross-component Tools

9.6.1. CoG jglobus

  • Bug 1056: FTP client in extended block mode after receiving EODC does not wait for EOD on the same channel
  • Bug 2277: GridFTPClient bug Parallel, Passive, EBlockImageDCReader does not receive EOF
  • Bug 2345: Allow for a way to set cert and key location using environment variables
  • Bug 2413: A rare decrypt error
  • Bug 3299: Extended Key Usage certificate extension not supported
  • Bug 4303: Class does not represent an RSA key