GLUE Schema

This document describes the use of the Grid Laboratory Uniform Environment (GLUE) schema with the Information Services for the following Globus ToolkitŪ (GT) releases:

GT2:  LDAP GLUE schema implementation

For GT2, the GLUE schema is available from the DataTAG GLUE web site.  Under GLUE Schema 1.1, select Computing, select LDAP schema implementation, and then download the latest revision.

To use the GLUE schema with an MDS2 information provider:

  1. Save the schema file in your $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc directory as Glue-CE.schema.
  2. Edit your grid-info-slapd.conf configuration file to include a line in the following format:
    include $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/Glue-CE.schema
    Make sure you replace $GLOBUS_LOCATION with the actual path of your Toolkit installation.
  3. Stop and restart MDS for your changes to take effect.

GT2: Ganglia to LDAP GLUE information provider

An information provider program is available to take aggregate cluster information from Ganglia and publish it into MDS 2.2. For installation instructions, see Ganglia MDS Information Provider.

GT3:  XML mapping of the GLUE schema

GT3 uses the GLUE schema natively; no installation is required. The MasterManagedJobFactoryService publishes host status information according to the GLUE schema "out-of-the-box".

The XML mapping of the GLUE schema is available from here.