Globus Toolkit 6.0 Release Manuals

The following documents are good places to start with Globus Toolkit 6.0:

GT 6.0 release manuals are divided into the following areas:

  • GridFTP for Data Management

    GridFTP provides high-performance and reliable data transport.

  • GRAM5 for Jobs Management

    The Grid Resource Allocation and Management (GRAM5) interface as a basic mechanism for initiation, monitoring, management, scheduling, and/or coordination of remote computations.

  • GSI C, MyProxy and GSI-OpenSSH for Grid Security

    These components establish the identity of users or services (authentication), protect communications, and determine who is allowed to perform what actions (authorization), as well as manage user credentials.

  • Other Components

    GT 6 also includes a set of C Common libraries needed for building grid infrastructure, XIO, a sophisticated and extensible I/O library suitable for the dynamic needs of grid applications and SimpleCA, a simple certificate authority available for testing purposes.