GT 3.9.0 Java WSRF Core Preview Documents

This 3.9.0 development release is an early preview of the Java WSRF Core implementation that is scheduled for official release in 4.0 Final. The distribution is not a full GT release and is intended for users interested in a first look at the WSRF implementation. It contains only a Java WS Core component based on WSRF and none of the higher-level services found in stable GT releases. However future development releases leading up to 4.0 will contain the full set of GT components.

Preliminary documents written for early adopters of the Java WSRF Core Preview are available from this page. Please note that these documents will not be in their final form until the release of GT 4.0 Final.

For information on high-level WSRF concepts, please see this page.

Note: If you are using the documentation distributed with the software, you can find the most up-to-date information online at: