GT 4.1.3: GSI-OpenSSH

GSI-OpenSSH is a modified version of OpenSSH that adds support for X.509 proxy certificate authentication and delegation, providing a single sign-on remote login and file transfer service. GSI-OpenSSH can be used to login to remote systems and transfer files between systems without entering a password, relying instead on a valid proxy credential for authentication. GSI-OpenSSH forwards proxy credentials to the remote system on login, so commands requiring proxy credentials (including GSI-OpenSSH commands) can be used on the remote system without the need to manually create a new proxy credential on that system.

The following guides are available for this component:
The Globus Toolkit 4 Programmer's Tutorial Useful tutorial about programming with Web Services in GT4.
Security Key Concepts For important general concepts.
Admin Guide For system administrators and those installing, building and deploying GT. You should already have read the Installation Guide and Quickstart.
User's Guide Describes how end-users typically interact with this component. Be sure to also read the [GT User Guide - coming soon] for important general information for end-users.
Developer's Guide Reference and usage scenarios for developers.
Other information available for this component are:
Release Notes What's new with the 4.1.3 release for this component.
Public Interface Guide Information for all public interfaces (including APIs, commands, WSDL, etc). Please note this is a subset of information in the Developer's Guide.
Quality Profile Information about test coverage reports, etc.
Migrating Guide Information for migrating to this version if you were using a previous version of GT.