Globus Toolkit 4.1.3 Release Manuals

The following documents are good places to start with Globus Toolkit 4.1.3:

GT 4.1.3 release manuals are divided into the following areas:

  • Common Runtime Components

    These components include the WS Core (in Java, C and Python implementations) which is the foundation of GT4 web services components and provides a set of fundamental libraries and tools which are needed to build both WS and non-WS services in a grid. Includes information on GT4 containers and clients that allow you to work with WS resources and resource properties. Also includes cross-component tools such as XIO (an extensible I/O library with drivers) and pyGlobus (a contribution that ...). Also a globus version of Java CoG kit and our common c libraries.

  • Security Components

    These components establish the identity of users or services (authentication), protect communications, and determine who is allowed to perform what actions (authorization), as well as manage user credentials and maintain group membership information.

  • Data Management Components

    Data management tools are concerned with the location, transfer, and management of distributed data. GT4 provides various basic tools, including GridFTP for high-performance and reliable data transport, RFT for managing multiple transfers, RLS for maintaining location information for replicated files, and OGSA-DAI for accessing and integrated structured and semistructured data. xxxxxxxalso mention ws rls and drsxxxxxxx.

  • Information Services Components (MDS4)

    Monitoring and discovery mechanisms are concerned with obtaining, distributing, indexing, archiving, and otherwise processing information about the configuration and state of resources. In some cases, the motivation for collecting this information is to enable discovery services or resources; in other cases, it is to enable monitoring of system status.

  • Execution (Jobs) Management Components

    Execution management tools are concerned with the initiation, monitoring, management, scheduling, and/or coordination of remote computations. GT4 supports the Grid Resource Allocation and Management (GRAM4) interface as a basic mechanism for these purposes. Also included are GridWay, xxxxdescribexxx, and GRAM2, the non-web services legacy version of GRAM introduced in GT2.