GT 4.1.1 XIO : Driver Add-ons

1. Introduction

Here we describe a GPT bundle of some useful GlobusXIO drivers. The drivers are not packaged with the standard globus release because they require external dependencies, or are otherwise best distributed in a seperate release. Here you can get each driver individually, or a bundle of all the drivers.

2. UDT Reference Implementation Driver

UDT Reference Driver 4.1.1

This driver uses the reference implementation of UDT provided at LINK and the Globus XIO wrapblock feature to create a Globus XIO UDT driver.

3. Bandwidth Limiting Driver

Token Bucket Bandwidth Limiting Driver 4.1.1

This is a bandwidth limiting driver. It allows the user to specify a bandwidth cap for a given connection.


String Options

  • rate=
  • read_rate=
  • write_rate=
  • period=
  • read_period=
  • write_period=

4. Pipe Open Driver

popen Driver 4.1.1

This driver will run an executable program with pipes connecting STDIN and STDOUT of the program to this Globus XIO driver. In this way buffers are routed from Globus XIO to the executable. This driver is most notably used with ssh for running remote programs over a secure link.

String Options

  • blocking=
  • pass_env=
  • argv=

5. Bidirectional Driver

BIDI Driver 4.1.1

6. Netlogger Driver

Netlogger Driver 4.1.1

This driver observes IO events on a driver stack and uses netlogger to log these events.

String Options

  • filename=
  • mask=
  • type=
  • id=

7. Skeleton Driver

Skeleton Driver 4.1.1

This is a very simple driver to serve as an example and base for writting additional drivers. It does nothing but pass operations along the stack