Globus Toolkit 3.9.4 Release Manuals

The following manuals contain information that applies to the toolkit as a whole and is highly recommended before reading the component documentation:

Globus Toolkit 3.9.4 System Administrator's/Installation Guide Describes general information for people who install, deploy and maintain GT installations.
Globus Toolkit 3.9.4 Developer's Guide Describes how to use the programming interfaces in GT (i.e., APIs, service interfaces, etc.)
Globus Toolkit 3.9.4 User's Guide Guide to the GT interfaces that support human-driven interactions, such as command-line tools, GUIs, etc.
Globus Toolkit 3.9.4 Release Notes Describes implementation details of a new stable GT release to existing and potential users.
Release Version Scheme Describes the Globus Toolkit's versioning scheme.

The following matrix contains links to documentation at the component level: