Please note that these documents are for an OBSOLETE version of the Globus Toolkit. For more information see 5.2 End of Life

GT 5.2.2 Release Notes: C Common Libraries

1. Component Overview

The C Common Libraries provide an abstraction layer for data types, libc system calls, and data structures used throughout the Globus Toolkit and useful for applications that use the Globus Toolkit.

2. Feature summary

  • Globus Callback - Portable event handling layer for signal handling and periodic and one-shot events in a single- more multi-threaded environment.
  • Globus Error - An abstraction for providing context-specific information in error response in C.
  • Portable Threading API for POSIX and Windows
  • URL String Parser
  • Configuration handlers for command-line, environment-variable, and configuration file based application configuration.

3. Summary of Changes in C Common Libraries

3.1. New Features: C Common Libraries


3.2. Improvements: C Common Libraries

  • GT-227: API Documentation for Globus Priority Queue

4. Fixed Bugs for C Common Libraries

  • GT-240: 5.2.2rc1 globus-version on debian returns 5.2.1

5. Known Problems in C Common Libraries


6. Technology dependencies

C Common Libraries only depend on the globus_core module.

7. Tested platforms

The C common libraries work on any platform on which the toolkit is supported. See supported platforms.

8. Backward compatibility summary

API changes since GT version 5.2.1


All of the GT 3.2 API is still functional in GT 5.2.2.

9. Associated Standards

There are no standards implemented by the C common libraries.

10. For More Information

See the C API pages for more information about this component.