GT 5.0.3 Release Notes

1. Introduction

The GT development team is pleased to make a new stable release of the Globus Toolkit available for download.


GT5 does not include any of the Web Service components from GT4.

Highlights of this release include:

  • GridFTP

    • Added new command: Data Channel Security Context (DCSC), useful for 3rd party transfers between GridFTP servers that use different CA certificates
    • Added gridftp server chrooting, allows admin to limit the directories a gridftp server can access
    • Added command strings for '-disable-command-list' option for gridftp server configuration
    • Added Progress markers for stream mode
  • GRAM5

    • Fixed a variety of bugs: PBS and Condor specific, improved reliability, improved usability
    • Fixed bugs preventing build on Solaris
  • MyProxy

    • Updated to MyProxy v5.3
  • GSI-Enabled OpenSSH

    • Updated to gsissh v5.2

For highlights of changes in each component, see Section 8, “Summary of Changes Since 5.0.2 (by component)”.

2. Obtaining and Installing Software

To download this release, go to the 5.0.3 Download page.

For information on installing this release, go to the 5.0.3 Installation Guide.

2.1. Java Client API Download

GT 5.0 does not include any of the CoG JGlobus Java APIs that were included in the GT4 release series.   But, the JGlobus APIs can still be used with the GT5 services.  You can get them directly from the CoG JGlobus releases; see the following link:

Consider the following when determining which version of CoG JGlobus to use:

  • The GRAM development team used CoG JGlobus version 1.6.0 for performance testing.

  • The BIRN project used CoG JGlobus version 1.6.0 (plus patches) for GridFTP testing. All patches are included in 1.8.0.

  • At the time of the GT 5.0.3 release, 1.8.0 was the recommended version.  In general, the latest recommended CoG JGlobus version should be used.

3. Platform Notes

Check out platform-specific installation issues here.

These are some platform notes for 5.0.x in particular:

4. Documentation

Use the documentation which starts here.

Feel free to offer any suggestions or feedback using JIRA (the "Documentation" project). Note at the time of this release, the documentation feedback box that used to appear at the bottom of each page is not functioning after the recent website redesign. We are working on the matter and will have the feedback box available as soon as possible. Please note that this box is intended for feedback and suggestions only - for support, please read the following section.

5. Support

An overview on GT support can be found here.

6. Licensing

The Globus Toolkit is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

To view the licenses of the 3rd party software used by the developers of the Globus Toolkit, click here.

7. Usage Statistics

For full information about usage statistics collected by GT 5.0.3 and how to opt-out, see Usage Statistics Collection by the Globus Alliance.

8. Summary of Changes Since 5.0.2 (by component)

8.1. Summary of Changes in GridFTP

  • Normally in stream mode the destination is the pasv side for a third party transfer, and the server is the pasv side for two party (client->server) transfers. Two party transfers also had a failover mode where if the PASV command failed, it would automatically switch to PASV on the client end. This allows a server that knows it must connect out to disable the PASV command and all clients will work the way it wants. However, this auto-failover feature was not implemented for third party transfers. The auto-failover for third party transfers is available in this release.

8.2. Summary of Changes in RLS

  • None since GT 5.0.2.

8.3. Summary of Changes in GRAM5

  • Improved diagnostics for RSL validation file parsing errors. If an RVF file contains an invalid attribute or syntax error, the job manager will include the parse error as an extended error message containing the path to the file and the invalid part of the file.
  • Improved diagnostics for missing -condor-arch and -condor-os configuration errors. If a job manager is misconfigured for condor, it will send an error message indicating what configuration option is missing.
  • Remove confusing log messages about state file ownership when a job manager starts up on a multi-user system.

8.4. Summary of Changes in GSI

No major changes since GT 5.0.2.

8.5. Summary of Changes in MyProxy

GT 5.0.3 contains MyProxy 5.3. See the MyProxy Release Notes for more details on this and other MyProxy versions.

8.6. Summary of Changes in GSI-OpenSSH

GT 5.0.3 contains GSI-OpenSSH 5.2. See the GSI-OpenSSH Release History for more details on this and other GSI-OpenSSH versions.

8.7. Summary of Changes in SimpleCA

Other than bugfixes, no changes have occurred for SimpleCA since the last stable release, 5.0.2.

8.8. Summary of Changes in XIO

No significant changes have happened for XIO since GT 5.0.2.

8.9. Summary of Changes in C Common Libraries

No significant changes have happened for C Common Libraries since GT 5.0.2.

9. Release Notes by Component