GT 4.2.1 Release Notes

1. Introduction

The GT development team is pleased to make a new stable release of the Globus Toolkit available for download. New users are encouraged to use the 4.2.1 release.

Highlights of this release include:


Existing users of GT4.0.x may wish to evaluate the new software while maintaining their existing installations; due to the specification upgrade, the webservices in 4.2.1 are incompatible with the 4.0.x series.

2. Obtaining and Installing Software

To download this release, go to the 4.2.1 Download page.

For information on installing this release, go to the 4.2.1 Installation Guide.

3. Documentation

Use the documentation which starts at here.


This release includes a name change:

As we continue to evolve the GT documentation, we've added some new features since 4.2.0:

Feel free to offer any suggestions or feedback using Bugzilla (the "Documentation" component). Or use the documentation feedback box at the bottom of each page (please note that this box is intended for feedback and suggestions, but not support - support information follows.)

4. Support

An overview on GT support can be found here.

5. Licensing

The Globus Toolkit is distributed and licensed for use under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

To view the licenses of the 3rd party software used by the developers of the Globus Toolkit, click here.

6. Usage Statistics

For full information about usage statistics collected by GT 4.2.1 and how to opt-out, see Usage Statistics Collection by the Globus Alliance.

7. Summary of Changes Since 4.2.0

7.1. Common Runtime Components

7.1.1. Summary of Changes in Java WS Core Changes
  • Bug 5616: Provided resource persistence support using the Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • Bug 6306: Provided improved JNDI Configuration support

7.1.2. Summary of Changes in C WS Core

Other than bugfixes, no changes have occurred for C WS Core since the last stable release, 4.2.0.

7.1.3. Summary of Changes in XIO

  • The TCP driver has been modified to randomize the selection of ephemeral ports.
  • Minor code cleanups.

7.1.4. Summary of Changes in C Common Libraries

No significant changes have happened for C Common Libraries since GT 4.2.0. See Feature Summary for some minor changes.

7.1.5. Summary of Changes in CoG jGlobus

GT 4.2.1 ships with CoG Jglobus version 1.6.

Other than bug fixes, no new changes have been made since last stable release, 4.2.0

7.2. Security

7.2.1. Summary of Changes in GSI

7.2.2. Summary of Changes in Java WS A&A Summary of Changes in message/transport-level security

CoG JGlobus has been updated to version 1.6.0. Summary of Changes in WS Authorization Framework

The following PIPs and PDPs have been added since the last stable release, 4.2.0:

7.2.3. Summary of Changes in CAS

No changes have been made since last stable release, 4.2.0.

7.2.4. Summary of Changes in the Delegation Service

No changes have been made since last stable release, 4.2.0.

7.2.5. Summary of Changes in MyProxy

MyProxy has been updated to v4.3. See the MyProxy Release Notes for details.

7.2.6. Summary of Changes in SimpleCA

Other than bugfixes, no changes have occurred for SimpleCA since the last stable release, 4.2.0.

7.2.7. Summary of Changes in GSI-OpenSSH

  • Updated GPT package from 4.3 to 4.4.
  • Upgraded to OpenSSH 5.1p1.
  • Upgraded to HPN13v5.
  • Added server-side GSSAPIDelegateCredentials option.

7.3. Data Management

7.3.1. Summary of Changes in RFT

  • Updated to work with the new version of Derby.
  • Extended logging has been added.

7.3.2. Summary of Changes in GridFTP

  • GFork was reworked to behave better in threaded builds.
  • The ftp client restart plugin will now includes a timeout that will trigger a restart if a transfer hangs.
  • Minor code cleanups in the GridFTP server, client, and GFork.

7.3.3. Summary of Changes in RLS

  • No changes since GT 4.2.0.

7.3.4. Summary of Changes in WS RLS

No changes since GT 4.2.0.

7.3.5. Summary of Changes in Batch Replicator

This component was previously referred to as the Data Replicator Service (DRS). Aside from the name change, no changes have been made since GT 4.2.0.

7.3.6. Summary of Changes in Replication Client

This component is new for release GT 4.2.1.

7.4. Information Services

7.4.1. Summary of Changes in WS MDS Index Service

No new changes in this release

7.4.2. Summary of Changes in WS MDS Trigger Service

No new changes in this release

7.4.3. Summary of Changes in WS MDS Aggregator Framework

No new changes in this release.

7.4.4. Summary of Changes in WebMDS

  • No new changes in this release.

7.4.5. Summary of Changes in UsefulRP

No new changes in this release.

7.5. Execution Management

7.5.1. Summary of Changes in GRAM4

There are significant enhancements in this release to improve reliabilty of GRAM4 audit logging. Database errors are handled better. If the audit database is unavailable, job records are written to local disk and later inserted. In addition, there are a number of other bug fixes.

7.5.2. Summary of Changes in GRAM2

A number of patches from VDT have been applied in this release. Details about these patches is here

7.5.3. Summary of Changes in GridWay

GridWay version shipped with GT4.2.1 is based on GridWay 5.4, a new stable version with increased functionality, including support to access the NorduGrid infrastructure, new bindings for DRMAA and support for DAGMAN workflows.

New to 4.2.1: Since this is an incremental release, only bug fixes have been included.