GT 4.2.1 WS MDS UsefulRP

WS MDS includes a Java package subsystem called UsefulRP which is home to (among other things) the Resource Property Provider component, otherwise known as the RPProvider Framework. The RPProvider Framework is an extensible software component that can be used to dynamically generate XML values for one or more WSRF Resource Properties in any given GT4 Java WSRF-Core compatible service.

The following guides are available for this component:
WS MDS Key Concepts For important general concepts. [pdf]
WS MDS Admin Guide For system administrators and those installing, building and deploying GT. You should already have read the Installation Guide and Quickstart. [pdf]
UsefulRP Admin Guide Administrative information specific to UsefulRP. [pdf]
Developer's Guide Reference and usage scenarios for developers. [pdf]
Other information available for this component are:
Release Notes What's new with the 4.2.1 release for this component. [pdf]
Public Interface Guide Information for all public interfaces (including APIs, commands, WSDL, etc). Please note this is a subset of information in the Developer's Guide. [pdf]
Quality Profile Information about test coverage reports, etc. [pdf]
WS MDS Migrating Guide Information for migrating to this version if you were using a previous version of GT. [pdf]
All WS MDS UsefulRP Guides (PDF only)Includes all UsefulRP guides except Public Interfaces (which is a subset of the Developer's Guide)