GT 4.2.1: Information Services

The Monitoring and Discovery System (MDS) is a suite of web services to monitor and discover resources and services on Grids. This system allows users to discover what resources are considered part of a Virtual Organization (VO) and to monitor those resources. MDS services provide query and subscription interfaces to arbitrarily detailed resource data and a trigger interface that can be configured to take action when pre-configured trouble conditions are met. GT 4.2.1 includes WS MDS, the WSRF implementation of MDS.

For more information about the information services concepts behind GT4, see Key Concepts.

If you want to:see:
collect monitoring information from Grid resources and publish it in a single location, Index Service
collect data from Grid resources and, if administrator defined rules match, perform various actions, Trigger Service
build or customize your own aggregator services using the underlying framework for aggregator services (such as the Index and Trigger Services), Aggregator Framework
view monitoring information (from aggregator services) via a web browser, WebMDS
learn about standard and external mechanisms for gathering information on a Grid, Information Providers
use a framework for customizing resource properties and information providers, UsefulRP
migrate to WS MDS from previous versions of GT: WS MDS Migration Guide
find frequently asked questions about WS MDS: FAQ for WS-MDS (WS MDS)
use sample code: Samples for WS MDS