GT 4.2.1: Execution Management

Execution management tools are concerned with the initiation, monitoring, management, scheduling, and/or coordination of remote computations (or jobs). GT4 supports the Grid Resource Allocation and Management (GRAM) interface as a basic mechanism for these purposes. Other tools are available as described in the table below.

GT4 includes two different GRAM implementations:

  • GRAM4 builds on Web services technologies and is the recommended system for most users due to its superior scalability and its support for WS-Security mechanisms.
  • GRAM2 is the GRAM implementation first introduced in GT2 and is provided for legacy purposes.

C, Java, and Python client APIs, as well as command line tools, are provided for both versions.

More information is provided in Key Concepts.

If you want to:see:
Locate, submit, monitor, and cancel jobs on Grid computing resources in conjunction with an external job scheduler using web services (including WS-Security mechanisms), GRAM4
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