GT 4.2.1 Data Replication Services

The Globus Toolkit offers two options for data replications:

  • Batch Replicator

    The Batch Replicator is provided with the Globus Toolkit 4.2.1 and first appeared in the GT 3.9.5 Beta release. The primary functionality of the component allows users to identify a set of desired files existing in their Grid environment, to make local replicas of those data files by transferring files from one or more source locations, and to register the new replicas in a Replica Location Service. The Batch Replicator conforms to the WS-RF specification and exposes a WS-Resource (called a "Replicator" resource) which represents the current state of the requested replication activity and allows users to query or subscribe to various Resource Properties in order to monitor the state of the resource. The Batch Replicator is built on the GT 4.2.1 Java WS Core and uses the Globus RLS to locate and register replicas and the Globus RFT to transfer files.

  • Replication Client

    The replication client integrates the functionalty of the Replica Location Service (RLS) and the GridFTP Server to perform intuitive operations including GET, PUT, COPY, REGISTER, REPLICATE, and DELETE. The interfaces for the client include a Java API and a command-line client. The command-line client, globus-replication-client, accepts RLS Logical Names and GSIFTP URLs as endpoints for replication.