GT 4.2.1 Contribution: pyGlobus

This component is a contribution for the GT 4.2.1 release. Contributions are not supported by GT and have very limited GT documentation.

pyGlobus provides a high-level, object-oriented interface to the Globus Toolkit 2(r) libraries and related packages such as MyProxy. pyGlobus includes a series of modules that provide access to the full functionality of the Non-WS API while hiding much of the complexity. In addition, a number of servers and command line tools are provided, e.g., a GridFTP server, a GridFTP GUI client, pyglobusrun, and pyglobus-url-copy. pyGlobus supports the rapid development of non-WS applications, and allows for easy integration with C/C++ and Fortran code.

The following guides are available for this component:
Common Runtime Key Concepts For important general concepts. [pdf]
Admin Guide For system administrators and those installing, building and deploying GT. You should already have read Installation Guide and Quickstart. [pdf]
Release Notes What's new with the 4.2.1 release for this component. [pdf]
All pyGlobus Guides (PDF only)Includes all pyGlobus guides except Public Interfaces (which is a subset of the Developer's Guide)