grid-proxy-info — Display information obtained from a proxy certificate



Tool description

grid-proxy-info extracts information from X.509 proxy certificates.

Command syntax

grid-proxy-info [-help][-f proxyfile][-subject][...][-e [-h H][-b B]]


Table 14. Command line options

-help, -usage Displays usage.
-version Displays version.
-debug Displays debugging output.
-file <proxyfile> (-f) Non-standard location of proxy.

See Table 15, “Print options”.

-exists [options] (-e)

If a valid proxy exists, 1 otherwise. [FIXME] If none of the following options are given to -exists, H = B = 0 are assumed. See Table 16, “Validity options”.

Table 15. Print options

-subject (-s) Distinguished name (DN) of the subject.
-issuer (-i) DN of the issuer (certificate signer).
-identity DN of the identity represented by the proxy.
-type Type of proxy (full or limited).
-timeleft Time (in seconds) until proxy expires.
-strength Key size (in bits).
-all All above options in a human readable format.
-text All of the certificate.
-path Pathname of the proxy file.

Table 16. Validity options

-valid H:M (-v) Time requirement for the proxy to be valid.
-hours H (-h) Time requirement for the proxy to be valid (deprecated, use -valid instead).
-bits B (-b) Strength requirement for the proxy to be valid.


Nothing applicable