GT 4.0 Execution Management Glossary


batch scheduler

See scheduler.



A job scheduler mechanism supported by GRAM. See



A command line program used to submit jobs to a WS GRAM service. See the commandline reference page at:

Grid Resource allocation and Management (GRAM)

Web Services Grid Resource Allocation and Management (WS GRAM) component comprises a set of WSRF-compliant Web services to locate, submit, monitor, and cancel jobs on Grid computing resources. WS GRAM is not a job scheduler, but rather a set of services and clients for communicating with a range of different batch/cluster job schedulers using a common protocol. WS GRAM is meant to address a range of jobs where reliable operation, stateful monitoring, credential management, and file staging are important.


job description

Term used to describe a WS GRAM job for GT4.

job scheduler

See scheduler.



A job scheduler mechanism supported by GRAM.



A program that typically operates at a higher level than a job scheduler (typically, above the GRAM level). It schedules and submits jobs to GRAM services.

Managed Executable Job Service (MEJS)


Managed Job Factory Service (MJFS)


Managed Multi Job Service (MMJS)


MMJS subjob

One of the executable jobs in a multijob rendezvous.


A job that is itself composed of several executable jobs; these are processed by the MMJS subjob.

See Also MMJS subjob.

multijob rendezvous

A mechanism used by GRAM to synchronize between job processes in a multiprocess job and between.


Portable Batch System (PBS)

A job scheduler mechanism supported by GRAM.


Resource Specification Language (RSL)

Term used to describe a GRAM job for GT2 and GT3. (Note: This is not the same as RLS - the Replica Location Service)



Term used to describe a job scheduler mechanism to which GRAM interfaces. It is a networked system for submitting, controlling, and monitoring the workload of batch jobs in one or more computers. The jobs or tasks are scheduled for execution at a time chosen by the subsystem according to an available policy and availability of resources. Popular job schedulers include Portable Batch System (PBS), Platform LSF, and IBM LoadLeveler.

scheduler adapter

The interface used by GRAM to communicate/interact with a job scheduler mechanism. In GT4 this is both the perl submission scripts and the SEG program.

See Also scheduler.

Scheduler Event Generator (SEG)


superuser do (sudo)

Allows a system administrator to give certain users (or groups of users) the ability to run some (or all) commands as root or another user while logging the commands and arguments.


Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

Identifier that is immutable and unique across time and space.