GT 4.0 Contribution: pyGridWare


This component is a contribution for the GT 4.0 final distribution. Contributions are not supported by GT and have very limited GT documentation.

pyGridWare, the python WS Core, provides a basic python toolset for creating WSRF enabled web services, proven to interoperate with the Java WSRF. Performance is a primary concern and motivation. This WSRF project realizes a significant speedup by using C implementations at the performance critical security and DOM layers.

WSRF support includes WS-Resource Lifetime, WS-Resource Properties, and WS-Notification. Updated security support for WS-Secure Conversation and Secure Message is also included.

Client and service stubs have been generated from the most recent OASIS drafts and WS-Secure Conversation specification, but the bindings can be easily regenerated from WSDL via the setup script at install whenever WSDL needs to be updated.