globus-undeploy-gar — Undeploys a GAR file



Tool description

Undeploys a GAR file.

Command syntax

globus-undeploy-gar <> [options]

The <> is the base name of the GAR file without the .gar extension to undeploy. For example if the GAR file is "foo.gar", then the GAR id is "foo". The directory names under $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus_packages/ are the GAR ids of the undeployable items.

Table 34. Options


Displays help information about the command.


Enables debug mode.


Passes arbitrary property-value pairs.


$ globus-undeploy-gar globus_wsrf_core_samples_counter

The globus-undeploy-gar invokes an Ant task. The above example is equivalent to running:

$ ant -f $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share/globus_wsrf_common/build-packages.xml undeployGar \

The globus-deploy-gar is an Ant-based tool. If Ant is installed incorrectly this tool might not work properly. This tool will not work with Ant installed from JPackage.