globus-deploy-gar — Deploys a GAR file



Tool description

Deploys a GAR file.

Command syntax

globus-deploy-gar <gar.file> [options]

The <gar.file> is the path to the GAR file to be deployed.

Table 32. Options


Displays help information about the command.


Enables debug mode.


Creates backup of existing configuration files (since GT 4.0.1).


Specifies the profile name under which the configuration files in the GAR will be deployed. Please see Configuration Profiles for details.


Passes arbitrary property-value pairs. See below for the list of currently supported properties.

Table 33. Supported property-value pairs


Causes Windows and Unix launcher scripts to be generated.


The globus-deploy-gar command always overwrites the existing configuration and non-configuration files of the service during the deployment.


$ globus-deploy-gar /tmp/gars/globus_wsrf_core_samples_counter.gar

The globus-deploy-gar invokes an Ant task. The above example is equivalent to running:

$ ant -f $GLOBUS_LOCATION/share/globus_wsrf_common/build-packages.xml deployGar \

The profile name can be passed using the -Dprofile Ant option. To enable back up of the existing configuration files add the -DcreateBackup=true Ant option. Make sure to use the absolute path name for the gar file when using Ant directly.


The globus-deploy-gar is an Ant-based tool. If Ant is installed incorrectly this tool might not work properly. This tool will not work with Ant installed from JPackage.