GT 4.0: Java WS Core

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Technology Dependencies Details For Java WS Core
I. GT 4.0: Java WS Core Command Reference
globus-start-container - Starts standalone container
globus-stop-container - Stops standalone container
globus-start-container-detached - Starts standalone container detached from controlling TTY
globus-stop-container-detached - Stops standalone container detached from controlling TTY
wsrf-destroy - Destroys a resource
wsrf-set-termination-time - Sets termination time of a resource
wsrf-query - Performs query on a resource property document
wsrf-get-property - Gets values of a single resource property
wsrf-get-properties - Gets values of multiple resource properties
wsrf-insert-property - Inserts values into a resource property
wsrf-update-property - Updates value of a resource property
wsrf-delete-property - Deletes a resource property
wsn-get-current-message - Gets a current message associated with a topic
wsn-pause-subscription - Pauses a subscription
wsn-resume-subscription - Resumes a subscription
wsn-subscribe - Subscribes to a topic
globus-deploy-gar - Deploys a GAR file
globus-undeploy-gar - Undeploys a GAR file
globus-check-environment - Check local and remote environment information
II. GT 4.0 Java WS Core Common Command Options
Common Java Client Options - list of common options across commands
4.0.8 Release Notes
4.0.7 Release Notes
4.0.6 Release Notes
4.0.5 Release Notes
4.0.4 Release Notes
4.0.3 Release Notes
4.0.2 Release Notes
4.0.1 Release Notes
4.0.0 Release Notes
GT 4.0 Java WS Core Glossary