GT 4.0 C WS Core : User's Guide

1. Introduction

The C WS Core is an implementation of Web Services, WSRF, and WSN specifications in the C programming language. This means that a user can write their own Web Services and clients in C, and use the APIs and tools included in in the C WS Core to manage WS-Resources.

The C WS Core includes:

  • A small container for services
  • An embeddable service container API
  • API for managing resources
  • API for managing notification consumers
  • A WSDL to C binding generator
  • Security Support

It does not include support at this time for WSDL generation from C header files, or embedding services into 3rd party containers.

2. Command-line tools

Please see the C WS Core Command Reference.

3. Troubleshooting

This is a new component. If you are having trouble, please let us know!

4. Usage statistics collection by the Globus Alliance

The following usage statistics are sent by C WS Core by default in a UDP packet :

  • Component identifier
  • Usage data format identifier
  • Time stamp
  • Source IP address
  • Source hostname (to differentiate between hosts with identical private IP addresses)

It sends it at container startup (globus-wsc-container) and receipt of that packet tells us that the container started.

If you wish to disable this feature, you can set the following environment variable before running the C container:


By default, these usage statistics UDP packets are sent to but can be redirected to another host/port or multiple host/ports with the following environment variable:

export GLOBUS_USAGE_TARGETS="myhost.mydomain:12345 myhost2.mydomain:54321"

You can also dump the usage stats packets to stderr as they are sent (although most of the content is non-ascii). Use the following environment variable for that:


Also, please see our policy statement on the collection of usage statistics.