globus-wsc-container — Hosts C web services



Tool description

This command starts the C WS container, allowing WS and WSRF-enabled services to be invoked. globus-wsc-container must be running to invoke services written using the C WS core.


  • The container can be run in the background with the -bg option, and -pidfile allows the pid of the process to written to a specified file. This is useful for scripting the command, especially when running tests, or when the container process is expected to have a short lifetime.
  • Supports HTTPS by default. In order to turn off HTTPS, use the -nosec argument


  • The C container does not have a shutdown command (the Java container has globus-stop-container). To shutdown the C container, you can either CRTL-C the process, or kill the process with the process ID (use -pidfile)

Command syntax

Run: globus-wsc-container -help

Syntax: globus-wsc-container [-help][-max <max sessions>] ...

    -help, -usage             Displays usage
    -version                  Displays version
    -max      <max sessions>  Max sessions that can be started in parallel
    -port <port>              Set the port of the container
    -pidfile <path>           Write PID of container to this file
    -bg                       Run container in the background
    -nosec                    Don't use https