GT 4.0.6 Incremental Release Notes: C WS Core

1. Introduction

These release notes are for the incremental release 4.0.6. It includes a summary of changes since 4.0.5, bug fixes since 4.0.5 and any known problems that still exist at the time of the 4.0.6 release. This page is in addition to the top-level 4.0.6 release notes at

For release notes about 4.0 (including feature summary, technology dependencies, etc) go to the C Common Libraries 4.0 Release Notes.

2. Changes Summary

Aside from bug fixes, no changes were made to this component since 4.0.5.

3. Bug Fixes

  • Bug 5381: Loss of precision for xsd:float and xsd:double
  • Bug 5424: Error generating bindings from wsdl with multiple port types
  • Bug 5759: globus-wsrf-cgen creates a bad wsa_Relationship.c

4. Known Problems

  • Multiple schemas which use the same namespace prefixes can confuse the WSDL parser.
  • Nillable elements are not serialized or deserialized correctly if the element does not contain the minOccurs="0" attribute
  • The service engine and clients are not thread-safe

5. For More Information

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