GT 4.0 Component Fact Sheet: C Web Services Core (C WS Core)

1. Brief component overview

The C WS Core provides a basic toolset in C for creating WSRF-enabled web services and clients conforming to the WS-Resource and WS-Notification specifications.

2. Summary of features

Binding Generation:

  • Binding Generation directly from WSDL schemas

    • ANSI-C stubs and skeletons
    • Non-blocking client stubs for writing event-driven code
    • EPR (EndpointReference) encapsulation
    • WSRF enabled client stubs and services
  • HTTP/1.1 Support
  • Embeddable Service API
  • Standalone service container
  • WSRF-enabled services

Deprecated Features

  • Dynamic Deployment (WSDD) using AxisC++ was included in an early pre-release but is no longer supported.

3. Usability summary

Usability improvements for C WS Core:

C WS-Core is a new component and does not have usability improvements.

4. Backward compatibility summary

Protocol changes since GT version 3.2

  • SOAP messages conform to WSRF schemas instead of previous OGSI/OGSA schemas.
  • WS-Addressing has been added to the list of supported standards, as defined by the WS-Resource Framework.
  • HTTP/1.1 with 'chunked' transfer encoding is used by default.

API changes since GT version 3.2

  • The 3.2 cbindings API is obsolete, with no overlap to the new API. Bindings APIs are now generated directly from WSDL.
  • The underlying XML/SOAP messaging framework is also new, based on the libxml2 pull parser API.

Schema changes since GT version 3.2

  • Schemas are completely new. The WS C Core implements the OASIS WSRF and WSN working drafts specifications (with minor fixes to the 1.2-draft-01 published schemas and with the March 2004 version of the WS-Addressing specification.)

5. Technology dependencies

C WS Core depends on the following GT components:

  • C Common Libraries
  • Pre-WS Authentication and Authorization (GSI)
  • Globus XIO (used by C WS core for efficient HTTP and TCP transport)

C WS Core depends on the following 3rd party software:

  • Libxml2 (used by C WS Core for SOAP XML parsing and WSDL parsing)
  • OpenSSL (used by C WS Core for Security)
  • JavaScript (used by C WS Core as a template language to generate the C bindings from WSDL schemas)

6. Tested platforms

Tested Platforms for C WS Core

  • IA32/Linux/gcc32
  • IA64/Linux/gcc64
  • x86_64/Linux/gcc64
  • SPARC/Solaris 9/vendorcc32
  • PowerPC/AIX 5.2/vendorcc32
  • Mac/OS X/gcc32

7. Associated standards

Associated standards for C WS Core:

  • HTTP
  • SOAP
  • XML Schema
  • WSDL
  • WS Security
  • WS-Addressing
  • WS-Resource Framework
  • WS-Notification

8. For More Information

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