March 31 Index Test Notes

Handy commands for the index test:

  1. Untar the test code bundle in its own directory
  2. cd to that directory
  3. Set your GLOBUS_LOCATION to the top-level directory of the test code hierarchy: setenv GLOBUS_LOCATION `pwd`
  4. start a local container without security: $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/globus-start-container -nosec
  5. create a new note: $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/create-note -s http://localhost:8080/wsrf/services/StickyNoteService
  6. echo the value of a note: $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/show-note -e note-NNNNNN.epr
  7. set a new value for a note: $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin/write-note -e note-NNNNNN.epr YourSingleWordTextHere

We will coordinate various test scenarios over the phone. To participate in the test send mail to Lisa Childers.

Another index visualizer is located here.