Status and Plans for the Globus Toolkit 4.0 (GT4) as of May 1 2005

Please note that the GT4 Fact Sheet is a work-in-progress: we plan to post additional information and provide updates throughout our development cycle.

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The following topics are covered in this Fact Sheet:

  • GT4 is composed of several components
  • GT4 is complemented by a set of related tools and libraries (further contributions solicited)
  • We are documenting a set of GT4 solutions that address common application requirements (further contributions solicited)
  • The current release schedule can be found under GT4 Major Milestones
  • Other important things to know about GT4 can be found here

GT4 Release Contents

Current GT4 Release Schedule: Major Milestones

Release Date Stability Level Will features be added after the release? Might public interfaces
change after the release?
3 August 2004 [3.9.2] Alpha-Quality Development Release Yes Yes
29 October 2004 [3.9.3] Development Release Yes Yes
17 December 2004
Alpha-Quality Development Release No Yes, but only after a careful review confirms that changes will result in
significant benefits
February 25 2005
Beta-Quality Development Release No No
April 29 2005
GT4 Final
[Now Available!]
Stable Release No No