GridFTP: System Administrator's Guide

>Configuring GridFTP

Configuring GridFTP

For basic configuration information, see Configuring GridFTP in the Installation Guide. This page discusses more options for configuring your GridFTP service.


This follows the format of the Wu-FTP ftpaccess file. 

If GLOBUS_LOCATION is specified in the in.ftpd server's environment, or if you pass it the the -G <globus_location> flag, it will use the ftpaccess in $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc, otherwise it will use /etc/ftpaccess.


GridFTP uses the same authorization mechanism as described in the GRAM mapfile, and uses the same /etc/grid-security/grid-mapfile.

Third Party Transfers

To enable third party transfers, edit the $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/ftpaccess file to add the lines:

port-allow all
pasv-allow all

on both sides of the third-party connection.