Globus Toolkit 3.2 Documentation

Each component of the Toolkit contains the following manuals:

Key Concepts

Provides a high level overview and required concepts for the component.

Developer's Guide

Provides reference information for application developers, including APIs, architecture, procedures for using the APIs and code samples.

System Administrator's Guide

Provides information on procedures typically performed by system administrators, including installation, configuring, deploying, and testing the installation.

User's Guide

Provides information for other users who do not typically have the high level knowledge of a developer or system administrator but must use the service (usually for scientific purposes).

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Globus Toolkit

The following information applies to all versions of the Globus Toolkit:



Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI)

Community Authorization Service (CAS)

Data Management


Reliable File Transfer (RFT)

Replica Location Service (RLS)


Resource Management


The following information applies to all versions of GRAM

WS GRAM (web services)/GRAM3

Pre-WS GRAM (pre-web services)/GRAM2

Information Services (MDS)

WS Information Services (web services)/MDS3

Pre-WS Information Services (pre-web services)/MDS2