MDS 2.4 in the Globus Toolkit 2.4 Release

The Monitoring and Discovery Service (MDS) is the information services component of the Globus Toolkit. The MDS 2.4 release includes fixes and enhancements for scalability, reliability, and stability.

Note that MDS 2.4 includes all of the features and functionality of MDS 2.2, which continue to be documented as shown below.

MDS 2.2 Features in the Globus Toolkit 2.2 Release

The MDS 2.2 release includes significant fixes and enhancements that make for a considerably more robust MDS with expanded capabilities for dealing with problematic installations.

Note that the documents listed under "Documentation for MDS 2.4" may also describe MDS 2.2.  MDS 2.1 documents describing functionality that remains separate and distinct from that in MDS 2.2 are now archived on MDS 2.1 Features in the Globus Toolkit 2.0 Release.  Otherwise, MDS 2.1 features and functions carried over into MDS 2.2 are described in the documents listed below.

A public vo-index GIIS is now available. Browse the vo-index with the LDAP Explorer web interface.

Security Notice for MDS 2.4 in the Globus Toolkit 4.0 Release

Please note that in the GT4 pre-WS build, MDS2 is not installed by default. This is because of security concerns with two third-party libraries, Open LDAP v.2.0.22 and Cyrus SASL (v. 1.5.27). That version of OpenLDAP has security vulnerabilities that are no longer being patched due to the age of the version (the current version is 2.2.25). This means that anyone who runs MDS2 on their server has a chance of being affected by this, although we have no reported cases of this occurring. A similar situation exists for the version of Cyrus SASL we are using although this can be avoided by not using MDS2 in secure-mode.

An unsupported, minimally-tested version of MDS2 based on more recent, more secure versions of OpenLDAP and Cyrus SASL is available for download here; however, we strongly recommend that any MDS2 users upgrade their system to use the new WSRF-based MDS4, and we will be happy to work with you to make this possible for your project. Please note that in GT4, MDS2 is a deprecated component, which means that it will not be included in the GT4.2 release, nor supported once GT4.4 exists.

Documentation for MDS 2.4

Note: The following documentation applies to MDS2 in GT versions 2.2 through 4.0. In versions of Globus Toolkit 3.0 and above, MDS2 is also referred to as Pre-Web Services MDS (Pre-WS MDS):