Global Access to Secondary Storage (GASS)

GASS simplifies the porting and running of applications that use file I/O to the Globus environment. Libraries and utilities are provided to eliminate the need to

  • manually login to sites and ftp files
  • install a distributed file system

The APIs are designed to allow reuse of programs that use Unix or standard C I/O with little or no modification.

Currently the ftp and x-gass (GASS server) protocols are supported.

GASS Requirements

The typical user's view of GASS comprises a simple file access API for opening, closing, and prefetching files. Planned are some RSL extensions for remote cache management.

In addition, we also publish three APIs concerned with the details of cache management and data transfer. These APIs are used to implement the file access API, but are also available to users for specialized purposes (e.g., defining a specialized GASS server or implementing a high-speed GASS client).  

In order to allow simple GASS server functionality to be embedded into other applications, we also supply an easy-to-use, higher-level library on top of the GASS server API.  This API optionally gives any GASS client read or write access to files, and will also allow clients to append output to the server's stdout and stderr.


Implementation Notes