Globus 2.4 Admin Guide

  1. Overview of Globus

      This section briefly outlines the components of the Toolkit.

  2. Installation

      This section covers downloading and installing the Toolkit.

  3. Verification

      This sections allows you to verify that the installed components are functioning correctly.

  4. Service Startup

      This section shows you how to startup the major services associated with the Toolkit.

  5. Services Overview

      This section gives a detailed look at how the services of the Toolkit are implemented.  This is also the section which outlines the updates to services since the release of version 2.0 of the Toolkit.

  6. Advanced Configuration

      This section shows how to move beyond the default configuration of the Toolkit.

  7. User's Guide

      This section contains an overview of the client interfaces to the Toolkit services.

  8. Appendix A: Error list

      This section maps from various error codes to their likely causes and solutions.

  9. Appendix B: Configuration files

      Appendix B contains a list of the configuration files and their contents.


This document is intended to outline the administrator and user perspectives on the Globus Toolkit. In doing so, it will cover the services built on top of the reference implementation of various Grid protocols.

This document is not intended to be a developer's guide to the APIs/SDK of the Toolkit. Nonetheless, an understanding of the reference services built on top of the APIs may prove useful in further development.

Charles Bacon

Last modified: Wed Oct 2 15:11:11 CST 2002