GT Data Management: Reliable File Transfer (RFT)

The Reliable Transfer Service (RFT) is a web service that provides interfaces for controlling and monitoring third party file transfers using GridFTP servers. The client controlling the transfer is hosted inside of a Grid service so it can be managed using the soft state model and queried using the ServiceData interfaces available to all Grid services.

The following is information about this component for different versions of the Globus Toolkit:

RFT in GT4

RFT in GT 4.0

RFT implementation in 4.0 uses standard SOAP messages over HTTP to submit and manage a set of 3rd party GridFTP transfers and deletion of files and directories using GridFTP. The service also provides an interface to control various transfer parameters over GridFTP control channel like TCP buffer size, parallel streams, DCAU etc. The user creates a RFT resource by submitting a Transfer Request (consists of a set of third-party gridftp transfers) to RFT Factory service.

The resource is created after the user is properly authorized and authenticated. RFT service implementation exposes operations to control and manage the transfers (the resource). The resource the user created exposes the
state of the transfer as a resource property to which the user can either subscribe for changes or poll for the changes in state periodically using standard WS-RF command line clients and other resource properties.

The following are recommended links for information about GridFTP in GT 4.0:

RFT in GT3

RFT is introduced to the Globus Toolkit as an OGSA-based service that is essentially a reliable and recoverable version of the GT2 globus-url-copy tool and more

RFT in GT 3.2

RFT implementation in 3.2 includes the following features:

  • Reliable recursive directory copy between GridFTP servers that support MLSD/MLST features 
  • Optional data channel reuse 
  • Fixed scalability problems by reworking schemas; made schemas more generic 
  • Added a client that can submit transfers and also serves as notification sink for status of transfers.

The following are recommended links for information about RFT in GT 3.2:

RFT in GT 3.0

Note: This version is no longer supported. RFT is introduced to the Globus Toolkit with this version.