Quickstart Guide for GridFTP-Lite (GridFTP using SSH security)


GridFTP-Lite is a light-weight GridFTP that uses a SSH based authentication mechanism instead of Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). Even though GSI is quite powerful and provides single sign-on capabilities, it is quite complex to setup and maintain. GridFTP-Lite can be used as a stand alone tool. You do not need to install all of Globus to use GridFTP-Lite.


tar xfz gt-latest-stable-all-source-installer.tar.gz
cd gt*-all-source-installer
./configure --prefix=/path/to/install/to
make gridftp install
/*wait 10-20 minutes*/

Configuring the server:

% /path/to/install/to/globus-gridftp-server-enable-sshftp

In the absence of root access,

% /path/to/install/to/globus-gridftp-server-enable-sshftp -nonroot

The above command creates a file named 'sshftp' in '/etc/grid-security' (if run as root) or in '$HOME/.globus' (if run as nonroot). The default contents of the 'sshftp' file is shown below. The users can add commandline options and customize the GridFTP server by editing this file.

	export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/path/to/install/to
	. $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.sh

	#export GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE=50000,50100

	$GLOBUS_LOCATION/sbin/globus-gridftp-server -ssh
	# -data-interface 

Note: There is no need to explicitly start the server.

Performing Transfers:

% export GLOBUS_LOCATION=/path/to/install/to
% . $GLOBUS_LOCATION/etc/globus-user-env.sh
% globus-url-copy -v file:/etc/group sshftp:// 
% globus-url-copy -list sshftp://