Welcome to the GridFTP-Lite Portal

GridFTP-Lite is a light-weight GridFTP that uses a SSH based authentication mechanism instead of Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI). Even though GSI is quite powerful and provides single sign-on capabilities, it is quite complex to setup and maintain. GridFTP-Lite can be used as a stand alone tool. You do not need to install all of Globus to use GridFTP-Lite. If you want to install or learn about the GSI based GridFTP, please visit this page

  • Typical performance improvements range an order of magnitude higher than FTP and can jump to multiple orders of magnitude when striping or cluster-to-cluster data movement functionality is used.
  • GridFTP-Lite provides a scriptable command-line client (globus-url-copy), a highly extensible server, and a flexible set of development libraries for custom solutions.

Here is some useful information for using GridFTP-Lite:

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