Registering Users for ESG - Resources

PURSE builds on components of the Globus Toolkit, but it also includes components that are not yet part of the Toolkit. This page provides information about where and how you can access the tools used in this implementation.

If you intend to try PURSE out or reuse it in your project, we encourage you to use the integrated package available below. This will install 3.2 versions of the Globus Toolkit components rather than 4.0 versions. The 4.0 versions of Simple CA and Myproxy should work just as well but PURSE has not yet been tested with them.

Simple CA Simple CA is available in the Globus Toolkit 4.0:
MyProxy MyProxy is available in the Globus Toolkit 4.0:
PURSE PURSE is available as an integrated package from the NSF Middleware Initiative's GRIDS Center: