Globus Online Services Privacy Statement


The following statement describes data collection, use, and sharing practices within the Globus community in regard to use of the Globus community's online services (websites, email lists, anonymous FTP server). A related statement covers practices related to data collection, use, and sharing in regard to use of Globus software.

Data We Collect

The Globus websites (,, and our anonymous FTP server collect and log usage data in the normal course of operation. The web servers that host these sites collect basic data about the browsers used to access them (IP address and any HTTP header data provided by the browser). They may use cookies and/or Web beacons to track usage patterns. The information collected via these means is used for no purpose other than to track and analyze aggregate usage patterns in order to improve the quality of the websites and to customize the website experience for users (e.g., remembering the contents of fill-out forms for reuse in subsequent forms). Most browsers provide options for disabling cookies, and you are free to use these options, though it may cause your experience of our websites to be different from users who do not use these options.

Note that Globus websites may use the Google Analytics service (provided by Google) to track and analyze website usage. The use of Google Analytics involves use of a cookie and requires us to share anonymous usage data with Google. For Google's privacy policy, click here.

Our websites use fill-out forms for requesting information when you engage in certain activities. For example, when you download the Globus Toolkit, we request data about you. This is also true for our anonymous FTP server. It is your choice whether you enter valid data, enter invalid data, or enter no data. We make no attempt to validate this data, and you may download the software without providing any data, valid or not.

Some of our websites (Bugzilla, the dev.globus Wiki) allow you to register your identity by creating a user name and password. In some cases, you will not be permitted to take certain actions (enter data, edit content) without registering. The registration process may include entering a valid email address, and if you do not enter a valid address, your registration will not succeed. Any data that you enter when registering with these sites is collected and logged. Your user name will typically be visible to others. Some of our websites (Bugzilla, the dev.globus Wiki) allow registered users to enter data and/or edit content. The data and content that you supply is logged and archived and is typically made available for others to view. Even if you remove the data (e.g., by editing a Wiki page), the original data is retained and available for review by others.

The Globus community uses an extensive set of electronic mailing lists. When you subscribe to any of these mailing lists, your email address is stored. If you include your full name or any other data when signing up for a mailing list, that information is also stored. Any information that you post to a Globus mailing list (including header information such as your email address and other personal information) will most likely be archived both by Globus and by other subscribers and made available for viewing by others. Use of Globus software also may result in collection and storage of personal information and/or usage data. See the Globus Software Privacy Statement for details.

How This Data Is Used

IP addresses, HTTP header information, cookie and Web beacon data collected by Globus websites is logged and used specifically for the purpose of tracking and analyzing aggregate usage patterns. We do not attempt to identify or track specific users. Usage tracking and analysis is performed in order to help us improve the quality and usability of the websites. The data that you provide when requested by our web servers (e.g., the Globus Toolkit download form) is used to generate reports on the community participation for our own use (understanding the community and identifying possible areas for community expansion) and--in aggregate form--for use by our sponsors and funders toward understanding the impact of their sponsorship. We may identify individual users in this data, if you supply the data to enable this.

Data and content that you enter in Bugzilla and the dev.globus Wiki is shared publicly with the community.

Email addresses that you enter when subscribing to Globus mailing lists are used to distribute messages posted to those lists to you. We may also use these addresses to analyze the subscriber base to better understand aggregate Globus community participation. We do not share mailing list subscriber lists or email addresses with third parties. However, if you post to a Globus mailing list, your email address and any other personal information that you include in your postings may be stored by other subscribers and used at their discretion.

We may combine IP addresses and email addresses with other sources of information (e.g., domain name system (DNS), the whois registry) to assist us in analyzing use patterns of our websites and mailing lists.

The web server logs, FTP server logs, and mailing list administrative logs are available only to authorized members of the Globus community. Because this is a global community, this means that the data will be transported across international boundaries.

Treatment of Spam

The Globus community is sensitive to the need to avoid unsolicited and off-topic messages on our community email lists. The hosting service that we use for our email lists has been configured to help in this regard in several ways. Most Globus email lists are configured to prevent postings from any address that is not subscribed to the list. Such messages are rejected immediately and never forwarded to subscribers. All mailing lists are configured to disable access to the subscriber list. The email hosting service is also configured to evaluate messages for virus and spam content and to flag such messages with headers so that email clients can automatically separate them from legitimate messages. Due to the global nature of our community, it is impossible to avoid all off-topic content on our mailing lists, and automatic rejection of off-topic messages is risky. We are constantly reevaluating our strategies for handling spam and addressing new spamming techniques.

Changes to This Statement

We may occasionally revise the Globus Online Services Privacy Statement. Changes to the statement will appear on this page. Please note that our practices with respect to data collected and used in connection with this website and all other Globus online services are governed by this statement as amended from time to time, and not the statement in effect at the time the data was collected.

How to Contact Us

The Globus community takes all complaints and concerns regarding privacy seriously. Please direct all issues in this area to the email address