GridWay is a light-weight meta-scheduler that performs job execution management and resource brokering. It allows unattended, reliable, and efficient execution of jobs, array jobs, or complex jobs on heterogeneous, dynamic and loosely-coupled Grids. GridWay performs all the job scheduling and submission steps transparently to the end user and adapts job execution to changing Grid conditions by providing fault recovery mechanisms, dynamic scheduling, migration on-request and opportunistic migration.

GridWay uses the GRAM interface on computation resources. It is able to simultaneously use both pre-WS and WS GRAM services.

The GridWay command line interface is similar to that found on Unix and resource management systems such as PBS or SGE. It allows users to submit, kill, migrate, monitor and synchronize jobs. The framework automatically detects when a job has failed and allows the user to abort, retry or migrate it to a new machine. It also includes DRMAA GGF standard support to develop distributed applications.

Software: GridWay
Developed by: Distributed Systems Architecture Group (UCM)
Distributions: Download from GridWay Project Website
Contact: GridWay Forum