Software Components for Grid Systems And Applications

Software is a vital part of Grid projects. The open source community has produced a wide variety of Grid software components. Understanding the capabilities of each component, the strengths and weaknesses of each, and the types of problems that are currently covered (or not covered) by these components can be a bewildering challenge for new Grid projects. Moreover, each new Grid project has a unique set of requirements that must be met by a unique combination of software components.

Globus Alliance members have experience using Grid software components in a variety of ambitious and successful projects. The Globus Alliance section of this website contains a list of e-Science/e-Business projects in which our members participate, and the Grid Solutions section describes how we used Grid software to overcome challenges in these projects. This section of our website explains the role that software plays in Grid projects and describes many of the software tools that we and our partners have used successfully.

  • An Ecosystem of Grid Components describes the Globus Alliance's general approach to using software components in Grid projects and applications.
  • Role of the Globus Toolkit explains the special role that the Globus® Toolkit plays in Grid projects and why we use it this way.
  • Security describes a number of useful software tools for meeting the security requirements in Grid systems.
  • Monitoring and Discovery describes software components that can provide monitoring and discovery features in Grid systems.
  • Computation describes software tools that can be used to manage computational tasks in Grid applications.
  • Data describes software tools that can be used to manage data and datasets in data-intensive applications.
  • Collaboration describes software for facilitating and encouraging collaboration in distributed projects.
  • Packaging and Distribution describes tools for helping to create integrated software distributions for use in Grid projects.