The Globus Team

The following people are currently members of the core Globus Alliance team. (See also our Alliance alumni.)

Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago

EPCC, University of Edinburgh

  • Tilaye Alemu
  • Mario Antonioletti
  • Malcolm Atkinson (National e-Science Centre)
  • Rob Baxter
  • Bartosz Dobrzelecki
  • Alistair Grant
  • Ally Hume
  • Mike Jackson
  • Amy Krause
  • Michal Piotrowski
  • Craig Thomson

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)

Northern Illinois University, High Performance Computing Laboratory

Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Olle Mulmo
  • Thomas Sandholm


  • Rich Wellner

University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute

  • Laura Pearlman
  • Robert Schuler
  • Mei-Hui Su
  • Marcus Thiebaux
  • Cristina Williams