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HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft have announced plans to "develop a common set of [Web Services] specifications for resources, events, and management." Ian Foster explains what this means for the Globus community. (3/2006)

The Fourth International Summer School on Grid Computing will be held in Ischia, Italy, July 9-21. (3/2006)

Globus software supports the LHC service challenge. (2/2006)

A new paper describes GT4 dynamic service deployment support. (1/2006)

SOA/Web Services Journal published an article on business process orchestration with BPEL, WSRF, and GT4. (1/2006)

New book: Globus® Toolkit 4, First Edition : Programming Java Services. (1/2006)

GridwiseTech offers Globus Toolkit training in Cracow. (1/2006)

Congratulations to Carl Kesselman on his honorary doctorate degree from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (UvA). (1/2006)


Network World names Ian Foster in its 50 most powerful people in networking. (12/2005)

The third release of the Open Grid Services Architecture - Distributed Query Processor (OGSA-DQP) is now available. (12/2005)

The National Science Foundation makes a $13M award for continued support and development of the Globus Toolkit. (Additional coverage in Newsforge.) (12/2005)

The NCSA/SDSC Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series presents "GridShib: An Attribute-Based Authorization Framework." (12/2005)

GridBus Broker supports GT 4.0. (11/2005)

The second beta release of Ninf-G4 is now available. (11/2005)

The recent release of Weka4WS offers WSRF services to support data mining in Grid environments. (11/2005)

Preview the future home of Globus development! Built around a governance model derived from Apache, the prototype GlobDev website is now available for preview. (11/2005)

The Rocks 4.1 cluster software has been released with support for the Globus Toolkit 4.0.1. (11/2005)

The SC05 conference (Seattle, Nov. 12-18) will feature a GT4 Birds of a Feather session and a half-day tutorial on the Globus Toolkit in e-Science. A summary of our activities at SC05 is available. (11/2005)

An article in IBM DeveloperWorks covers technical details about how authorization works in GT4-based Java Web services. (10/2005)

The Workspace Team announces the first technology preview release of the Workspace Service based on a virtual machine implementation. (10/2005)

An article in Top Tech News discusses buzz about Grid technology in the business community. (10/2005)

A half-day tutorial on developing Java services using the Globus Toolkit (GT4) will be presented at GGF-15, October 6, Boston, MA. (10/2005)

GridShib project produces beta releases of GridShib for Globus Toolkit and GridShib for Shibboleth. (9/2005)

GridFTP used to transfer 270 TB from Brookhaven to Japan. (9/2005)

Globus Toolkit tutorials will be given at the 2005 meeting of the Australian Partnership for Advanced Computing (APAN), September 29-30. (9/2005)

A MyProxy presentation was given at the SDSC Cyberinfrastructure Seminar Series on September 6th. (9/2005)

The EGEE Grid supported a massive Drug Discovery application in production operation. (8/2005)

Version 4.0.1 of the Globus Toolkit is now available for download. This incremental release includes important fixes for bugs reported against version 4.0.0 of the Globus Toolkit (GT4). (8/2005)

The UK Engineering Task Force has released its evaluation of the Globus Toolkit 4.0. (7/2005)

Java CoG Kit v4.1.2 has been released. This release includes a framework for Grid workflows and the concept of providers that makes it possible to use GT2, GT3, GT4, or Condor as part of your scientific workflows. The API allows you to access elementary grid services to conduct file transfers, job submissions, and authentication. (7/2005)

Ian Foster will present a half-day GT4 tutorial at HPDC, Sunday July 24th, in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. (7/2005)

Government Technology publishes an article on Grid technology titled Witnessing an Evolution. (6/2005)

Nimrod/G v3.0 has been released. Nimrod/G is a parametric sweep tool used by UK and Dutch application projects, and the new version supports the Web services provided by the Globus Toolkit 4.0. (6/2005)

The 2005 GRIDS Center Community Workshop brings together leaders and technical staff from leading Cyberinfrastructure development and construction projects. (6/2005)

A workshop at GGF-14 will highlight the capabilities and early user experiences with the Globus Toolkit 4.0. (6/2005)

Two days of Globus Toolkit 4 tutorials are offered at NCSA in Champaign-Urbana, IL. (6/2005).

Ian Foster spoke with the Next Generation Data Center Forum about Grid standards and commercial adoption of Grid technologies. (6/2005)

Globus Tutorials will be included at the 2005 Great Plains Network-MIDnet Annual Conference in Kansas City, MO. (6/2005)

IBM's developerWorks prints an interview with Steve Tuecke about open source Grid directions in the enterprise. (5/2005)

The Enterprise Grid Alliance (EGA) recently released their first technical deliverable, a proposed reference model for Enterprise Grids. (5/2005)

IBM's developerWorks prints an interview with Ian Foster on the significance of the Globus Toolkit 4.0. (5/2005)

In a collaboration between the London e-Science Centre (as a member of the UK Grid Engineering Taskforce), Gridwise and MCNC, Sun Grid Engine 6 has been integrated with GT4. (5/2005)

Coinciding with the GT 4.0 release, a collaborative project between CNRI and the Globus Alliance has been launched. The goal of the project is to leverage CNRI's sophisticated Handle System ( for identifier and resolution services through a tight integration with GT4's Web services protocols. Please visit this page to learn more and download demo code. (4/2005)

The Globus Toolkit 4.0 is available for download. (4/2005)

The Globus Alliance and GRIDS Center have released PURSE, a Portal Based User Registration Service. (4/2005)

UK Globus Week brought training and Globus Alliance leaders to Edinburgh. (4/2005)

The Globus Toolkit 3.9.5 beta release is available for testing. (2/2005)

UCLA's Academic Technology Services group has constructed a Grid Portal based on GT3.2. (2/2005)

We had a great time at GlobusWORLD 2005. (2/2005)

ClusterWorld's special issue on Grid Computing features a story on Grid3. (1/2005)

We welcome the formation of the Globus Consortium. (1/2005)


We welcome Univa Corporation to the Globus Community! (12/2004)

Globus@Work: The Globus Alliance was out in force at SC04, Nov. 6-12, 2004. (11/2004)

The Virtual Data System (VDS) has been used to support the creation and secure execution of three different Siesmic Hazard-related calculations for the Southern California Earthquake Center. (10/2004)

Ian Foster explains how the Grid is poised for prime time in an opinion column in ComputerWorld. (9/2004)

Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have created a highly efficient data-distribution system for LIGO using pyGlobus, a Python-enabled interface to the Globus Toolkit. (8/2004)

A significant grid security milestone has been reached with the IETF's official RFC for the X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) proxy certificate profile. (7/2004)

The dates and location of GlobusWORLD 2005 have been announced. The third annual conference will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 7-11. GlobusWORLD 2004 saw over 500 participants from over 25 countries.  (6/2004)

A GGF11 presentation by Lee Liming of the Globus Alliance places GT in context by describing how it can be used with a wide range of compatible software from developers worldwide.(6/2004)

InfoWorld has a feature about the NSF Middleware Initiative, which includes participation from the Globus Alliance via the NMI GRIDS Center. (6/2004)

Researchers at Ohio State University are developing GATES, a Grid-based middleware for processing distributed data streams across wide-area networks.(6/2004)

A new article from Sun has step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, integrating, and testing GT with Sun N1 Grid Engine on x86 architecture. (6/2004)

Our latest ClusterWorld column is about "Using the Globus Toolkit With Firewalls" (5/2004)

CERN has created a fun gathering place where people can learn about Grid computing. The Grid Caf contains resources for e-Science and e-Business alike. Included is a video archive of interviews with Grid leaders. (5/2004)

On Thursday, May 13, the House Science Committee heard testimony from high-performance computing experts such as Argonne MCS division director Rick Stevens. The webcast has been archived.(5/2004)

Members of the Globus Alliance contributed to a pair of new papers describing, respectively, significant developments in the Grid3 and NEESgrid deployment projects. (4/2004)

A recent "On the Grid" column in ClusterWorld magazine gives some helpful rules of thumb for setting up your own Grid.  Other PDFs are archived three months after publication. (4/2004)

The NEESgrid integration project within NSF's Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation conducted a successful experiment with colleagues in Japan, creating new opportunities for international collaboration. (4/2004)

The second International Summer School on Grid Computing will be held in Naples, Italy, July 18-30. Leading experts will lecture on middleware, deployment and applications for students, who will perform hands-on practical exercises (3/2004)

Interviewed by the New Zealand Herald while visiting his native land this month, Ian Foster of the Globus Alliance described how bandwidth limitations can hinder scientific collaboration internationally and within individual countries. (3/2004)

WIRED has a lengthy feature about progress in the large-scale Grid deployment by CERN's Large Hadron Collider project, which is preparing for massive amount of data that the high energy physics instrument will produce.(3/2004)

The University of Texas (UT) will deploy the Globus Toolkit as core middleware for a Grid deployment supporting more than 50,000 students and 20,000 faculty and staff, according to InformationWeek.  IBM is helping with systems integration for UT and for a University of Oregon project using the Grid for diagnosing epilepsy, stroke and depression. (3/2004)

An atomic research center in India is using Globus Toolkit technologies such as GRAM and GSI for its Linux-based Grid, reports CXO Today. The Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) includes ten geographically distributed sites.(3/2004)

IEEE's Distributed Systems Online interviewed Ian Foster of the Globus Alliance regarding the recently announced WS-Resource Framework, a set of specifications hastening the convergence of Grid and Web services.(2/2004)

EWeek offers analysis of Grid opportunities and obstacles, citing the NMI-based ROCKS cluster demo at SC03 as evidence that grids are increasingly simple to install.(2/2004)

Tom Glover of IBM and the WS-I Organization talks to about the convergence of Web services and Grid services.(2/2004)

Wall Street and Technology follows up on the tale of IBM's and Charles Schwab's use of the Grid in financial services. (2/2004)

LinuxJournal lists four reasons that Linux could become the basis for ubiquitous Grid computing. (2/2004)

GlobusWORLD posted a summary of selected highlights, and a fun page of photos taken by program co-chair Greg Nawrocki. Over 480 attendees came to the second annual conference. (2/2004)

ZDNet describes Adobe plans to Grid-enable its video effects software. (2/2004)

IBM and Charles Schwab announced results of their joint research and develoment efforts to apply Grid technologies to financial services problems. (1/2004)

GlobusWORLD 2004 co-sponsor Cal IT2 has posted a summary of the keynote address delivered by Ian Foster of the Globus Alliance. (1/2004)

ClusterWorld reports on the BIRN project's use of Grid technology and the Globus Toolkit. (1/2004)

Announcement of the WS-Resource Framework prompted extensive press coverage, including InfoWorld, CNet, Internet News, Cover Pages and Information Week. For related press coverage, see the GlobusWORLD news archive.(1/2004)

The Globus Alliance and IBM in conjunction with HP announce the WS-Resource Framework as a further convergence of Grid services and Web services. (1/2004)


DataSynapse is organizing a Financial Services workshop as part of GlobusWORLD 2004, of which the company is a sponsor. The workshop will feature participants from Wall Street companies that are using the Grid for real-world data analysis. (12/2003)

In a survey of 400 IT managers, Evans Data Corporation found that 16 percent plan to use the Grid and another 24 percent are considering it, according to an article in TechWeb News. (11/2003

The Grid is a significant factor in the ascendance of the Supercomputing Conference, according to The New York Times. (11/2003)

The U.S. leads in development of Grid technologies, according to this article in The New York Times, which quotes a number of experts who claim that Europe is doing a better job of deploying the Grid. (11/2003)

Grid and utility computing have generated more than $1 billion in merger and acquisitions activity in the past 12 months, according to the San Jose Mercury-News, which cites acquisitions by Intel, Sun Microsystems, Veritas Software and Sanmina-SCI. (11/2003)

Grid computing is too big to be ignored, writes writes Information Week editor-in-chief Bob Evans. (11/2003)

HPC facilities in Spain are using Globus Toolkit and MPICH-G2 to aggregate computing resources. In one simulation, an "autonomous" robot analyzes the behavior of fellow robots, using acquired data to differentiate between predators and prey.  (11/2003)

According to a report by Robert Cohen of the Electronic Strategy Institute, the Grid will spur more than $10 billion in business development over the next decade in North Carolina, which has announced plans for a statewide Grid. (10/2003)

Organizers of GlobusWORLD 2004 issued a press release announcing preliminary program details for the conference, scheduled for January 20-23 in San Francisco.(10/2003)

The National Coordination Office for Information Technology Research and Development issued its annual Blue Book supplement to the President's budget, noting the widespread adoption of Globus Toolkit-based Grid computing. (10/2003)

The Globus Alliance will be well-represented at SC03, the international supercomputing conference to be held at Phoenix, November 15-21.(10/2003) issued its list of Agenda Setters 2003, the top 50 people driving IT. Ian Foster of the Globus Alliance is at number 28, ahead of some very prominent technology leaders.(10/2003)

Oracle's new 10G flagship suite will include the Globus Toolkit, writes Government Computer News.(10/2003)

In GridToday , Global Grid Forum chair Charlie Catlett describes its importance to the Grid community as an international partnership of industry and academia.(9/2003)

The Globus Project has transformed itself into the Globus Alliance by adding international partners the University of Edinburgh and the Swedish Center for Parallel Computers. The announcement was covered in CNET News and BusinessWeek.(9/2003)

NSF's extendedTeraGrid facility will deploy the Globus Toolkit, writes Government Computer News.(8/2003)

The Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS), a major experiment for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN,is an important e-Science application of the Globus Toolkit. (8/2003)

NEESgrid carried out an important experiment that generated useful data for earthquake engineers, demonstrating capabilities of the latest Grid technologies that include the Globus Toolkit 3.0. (7/2003)

TV station WAND covered the NEESgrid experiment. Video is available at (Quicktime, low resolution, 10.3MB), (Quicktime, full resolution, 447.3 MB) and (AVI, low resolution, 53.9MB). (8/2003)

The Globus Toolkit 3.0 is featured in The New York Times , which cites the software's "farsighted simplicity" as key to widespread implementation of the Grid. Coverage of the new GT3 release also appeared in InfoWorld, Network World Fusion, EWeek, IDG News and ComputerWorld. (7/2003)

IBM's Websphere gets Grid features, reports EWeek, reports EWeek, and ComputerWorld has a Q&A with Tom Hawk, who heads the company's Grid division. (7/2003)

Rivals see cooperation as key to Grid computing success, according to ComputerWorld's article on IBM, Sun and HP support for open standards. (7/2003)

The Globus Toolkit 3.0, issued on June 30, was announced in a press release from the Globus Project. It is the first full-scale implementation of new Web-service based Grid services and is fully compliant with the Open Grid Services Infrastructure (OGSI) specification. (6/2003)

Platform Computing announced its plans to contribute a meta-scheduler to the open-source Globus Toolkit. (6/2003)

A Japanese supercomputer will be OGSA-compliant, reports ZDnet News. (6/2003)

Hewlett-Packard has reaffirmed its support for open Grid service specifications, reports BusinessWeek. (6/2003)

Shell and IBM are touting the Grid and clusters, per InfoWorld.(6/2003)

InfoWorld magazine's list of the Top Innovators for 2003 includes the Globus Project's Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman and Steve Tuecke. (5/2003)

In this general story about the Grid, the on-line Australian IT News emphasizes performance efficiencies and access to remote resources. (5/2003)

GridToday featured the GRIDS Center's contributions to NEESgrid, a major systems integration aspect of the NSF-funded Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation. (5/2003)

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) associate director Richard Russell, speaking at the Networld Interop conference in Las Vegas, highlighted the Globus Project's success in technology transfer "This is one of the most exciting developments to come from federally funded research," he said, according to CRN News. (5/2003)

The GRIDS Center News Digest issue #3 includes a feature about NEESgrid, a major systems integration effort for the George Brown, Jr. Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation.

The National Science Foundation announced NMI-R3, the latest software from the NSF Middleware Initiative. The release includes the GRIDS Center Software Suite, including specially packaged versions of the Globus Toolkit, Condor-G, Network Weather Service and other popular Grid tools.

InternetNews covered a Grid partnership of IBM and Cisco based on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA). (4/2003)

In a keynote address at the InfoWorld conference, Ian Foster described the importance of open standards and Grid services.(4/2003)

The Globus Toolkit is now available for IBM zSeries servers. The toolkit is bundled with the SuSE Enterprise Server 8.0 as "part of an evolving strategy designed to make mainframes a more strategic part of Grid computing, " according to InternetWorld .(4/2003)

The Grid promises "nirvana" for geneticists, according to GenomeWeb. (4/2003)

NEESgrid has created a multimedia web page describing how earthquake engineers are able to design safer buildings through distributed Grid systems. (3/2003)

The IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing featured the GRIDS Center Software Suite. (3/2003)

Carl Kesselman is quoted in a Chicago Tribune story on NEES, the Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation. (3/2003)

Scientific American has an article by Ian Foster, "The Grid: Computing Without Bounds." (Abstract is free; full article via one-time fee or subscription.)(3/2003)

The New York Times featured Ian Foster's review of "A Shortcut Through Time," a book on quantum physics by science writer George Johnson. (3/2003)

The Globus Project's Steve Tuecke is interviewed by Linux Magazine editor-at-large Robert McMillan for IBM DeveloperWorks. (2/2003)

IBM releases GRID computing resources for Linux based on Globus Project technology, in Linux News.(2/2003)

The GRIDS Center is featured in a new publication, GRIDSTART. (Acrobat reader required.) (2/2003)

IBM and United Devices are using the Grid to further research into smallpox, according to Federal Computer Week, Computerworld, InfoWorld, and Information Week. (2/2003)

"Scientists are giddy about the Grid," says WIRED News. (1/2003)

This Globus Toolkit timeline was created in PowerPoint by Lee Liming. (1/2003)

Grid computing is good for business as open source Web Services gears into play, in WIRED News. (1/2003)

Global Grid community reports Globus Toolkit 3.0 delivers Grid Standards necessary for TeraGrid business developers, in GRIDtoday . (1/2003)

Globus Toolkit 3.0 Delivers Grid Standards opening doors to business connection, in HPCwire. (1/2003)

Grid software gets business connection as Globus Toolkit 3.0 incorporates Web Services standards, in Grid Computing Planet See also, BusinessWeek Online and ZDnet.(1/2003)

New Globus Toolkit finds broad acceptance, say top research and business leaders, in Grid Computing Planet. (1/2003)

The Globus Toolkit TM 3.0 alpha releasewas announced, with a collection of quotes from Grid research and industry leaders in support of this first OGSA release. (1/2003)

Grid Computing Coming Of Age, regarding GlobusWORLD, in Grid Computing Planet.(1/2003)

GT3 brings Grid convergence with Web Services says Ian Foster, in Grid Computing Planet (1/2003)

GlobusWORLD Takes Grid Computing to Another Level, regarding the inaugural conference held January 13-17, 2003. (1/2003)

The University of Chicago News Office issued a news release highlighting MIT Technology Review's profile of Ian Foster in its story hailing the Grid as one of "Ten Technologies That Will Change the World. " (1/2003)

ISI News and Events also highlighted Carl Kesselman for his role in the same MIT Technology Review feature. (1/2003)

IBM launches supercomputing on demand, in The Register. (1/2003)

Self-healing computers are a good 'fix' to defray rising management costs, in the Chicago Tribune.


Ian Foster presents a Grid checklist and speaks of need for standards and protocols as the Globus Project and Global Grid Forum are defining, in Computerworld. (12/2002)

A Banner Year for OSGA-enabled Grid computing industry vendors, in Grid Computing Planet . (12/2002)

Platform Computing has a new subsidiary to pursue federal contracts, according to Federal Computer Week. (12/2002)

Awards for Globus Toolkit-based applications at SC '02, noted by the UK e-Science Centre. (11/2002)

Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) and Platform Computing Collaborate to Develop 'Grid of Grids' for scientific research. (11/2002)

The Globus Project is involved at SC02 in many ways. (11/2002)

NSF announced the second software release from NMI, featuring the Globus Toolkit. (11/2002)

The first Globus Project News Digest has a feature about the FusionGrid project. (11/2002)

Oracle readies grid engine by customizing the Globus Toolkit to its needs, in InfoWorld . (11/2002)

The Globus Toolkit is central to the Number 1 project on the InfoWorld 100 list of technical innovations.  The application is a Grid-enabled mammogram archive created by the University of Pennsylvania with help from IBM. (11/2002)

Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman to Receive 2002 Lovelace Medal, from the University of Chicago News Office. (10/2002)

At the R&D 100 Award ceremony in Chicago, the Globus Toolkit is further honored as "Most Promising New Technology" among the year's top 100 innovations. (10/2002)

Ian Foster's efforts to develop and "sell the vision" are a major topic in Red Herring. (10/2002)

I.B.M. Weathers Tech Storm by seeing a future in "computing on demand", a utility-like service plan distributed by grid software, in The New York Times. (10/2002)

Ian Foster speaks of new sectors of interest adopting grid computingin

SDSC Storage Resource Broker Integrated with Globus GridFTP to Support TeraGrid, in NPACI Online. (9/2002)

Putting the Grid in NEESgrid, in NCSA Access. (9/2002)

The Globus Project and the UK e-Science Program announce an OGSA partnership, (7/2002)

The Globus Toolkit is one of three Argonne inventions to win R&D 100 Awards (7/2002)

Plans for the Globus Toolkit 3.0 are shaping up. (7/2002)

Columnist Frank Dzubeck writes about Networking the Intragrid, in NetworkWorldFusion.(8/2002)

IBM announces Grid Services for Linux and AIX, a commercial version of the Globus Toolkit with IBM service and support, in GridToday. (8/2002)

Sandia National Laboratories selects Platform Globus as a commercial Grid solution. (7/2002)

What Is Grid Computing, Anyway?, in NewsFactor Network. (7/2002)

Globus ToolkitTM wins R&D 100 award. (7/2002)

Ian Foster writes "What is the Grid? A Three-Point Checklist" in GridToday. (7/2002)

USCSMP Simulates Physics on the Grid, according to the Particle Physics Data Grid (PPDG) Laboratory at USCMS (also available as MS Word Doc). (5/2002)

MIT's Technology Review names the Globus Project's Steve Tuecke among their top 100 young innovators. (5/2002)

The NSF-funded NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) GRIDS Center team issues NMI Release 1, containing the Globus Toolkit, Condor-G, Network Weather Service, and KX-509 software. (5/2002)

Distributed computing shifts focus to self-managed systems, in EETIMES.(4/2002)

Energy Dept., IBM unveil Science Grid, in Cnet News.Com. (4/2002)

IBM's Irving Wladawsky-Berger explains Grid Computing, why it is happening now, and what it means to enterprise customers and consumers. (3/2002)

Carl Kesselman Takes on Expanded Leadership Role in NPACI as Chief Software Architect as told in the NPACI pages.(3/2002)

Ian Foster publishes an article on Grid Computing in Physics Today.(2/2002)

Meeting of the minds in next-gen Internet, in Cnet News . (2/2002)

A new paper, "Physiology of the Grid" by Ian Foster, Carl Kesselman, Steve Tuecke, and Jeff Nick describes how Grid mechanisms can implement a service-oriented architecture, how Grid functionality can be incorporated into a Web Services framework, and how this architecture can be applied to commercial computing.(2/2002)

Our work on the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)is written about in InfoWorld (2/2002)

The new Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) initiativewill integrate Grid and Web Services. (2/2002)

IBM and Globus Project Announce Open Grid Services in this IBM press release. Here are links related to news (2/2002).

Grid Computing: Supercomputing at Your Desktop by Ian Foster and Tom Garritano, in Washington Technology. (1/2002)

Internet Insight: Girding for Grids, in EWeek. (1/2002)

Virtual Computers take a step forward, from ZDnet News. (1/2002)

Texas to Mars: IBM supercomputer to power research. (1/2002)


Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Vice President, Technology and Strategy, IBM Server Group told a group of 200 management consultants that Grid computing, like supercomputing before it, will find its way into the commercial world and provide a vast infrastructure for e-business. (11/2001)

Grid computing to aid breast cancer research, at (11/2001)

Cactus, Globus and MPICH-G2 Win Top Supercomputing Award. (11/2001)

The Globus Project had a strong showing at SC01 in Denver, including several important announcements.(11/2001)

Sun updates "grid" computing software, in Cnet News . (11/2001)

IBM, Sun warm to distributed computing, in Cnet News . (11/2001)

Deal boosts open-source supercomputing (11/2001)

The Globus Project announced that 12 companies will adopt the Globus Toolkit as the standard Grid technology platform. (10/2001)

Entropia adopts "grid" computing method (10/2001)

Two of the Globus Project's tutorials are among the three most popular tutorials at SC01 . (10/2001)

Entropia and Globus Project to Provide Common Interface to Virtual Computer . (9/2001)

The National Science Foundation creates a GRIDS Center for Grids Research, Integration, Deployment, and Support as part of the NSF Middleware Initiative, in (9/2001)

The National Science Foundation announced awards totaling $12 million for the NSF Middleware Initiative, including a new center for Grid Integration, Deployment and Support (GRIDS). (9/2001)

Integration of high-performance computing tools will help create science portals, a cover story from NCSA Access. (9/2001)

LHC Grid project approved, says this CERN press release. (9/2001)

David Bakai's book, Peer-to-Peer Computing, is published by Intel Press. (8/2001)

NSF issues a press release to announce creation of the Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation (NEES), based on Grid technology. (8/2001)

DOE Announces $57M in SCIDAC Program Awards, HPCwire. (8/2001)

NSF issues a press release to announce creation of the distributed terascale facility (known as TeraGrid), based on Grid technology. (8/2001)

IBM announces a new initiative to support and exploit Grid computing. (8/2001)

A feature on Grid computing and the Globus Toolkit, in The Economist. (6/2001)

The Cactus Computational Toolkit runs distributed simulations on 1500 SGI and IBM processors at SDSC and NCSA, from NPACI On-Line. (5/2001)

Technology Research News writes about the Globus Data Grid project. (4/2001)

IEEE DistributedSystems Online presents a feature article on Grid projects, focusing on the European DataGrid project. (2/2001)

A new paper, "Anatomy of the Grid," defines Grid computing and the associated research field, proposes a Grid architecture, and discusses the relationships between Grid technologies and other contemporary technologies. (1/2001)

IEEE Spectrum runs a feature article on computational grids. (1/2001)

First EuroGlobus conference is planned for June 16-23, 2001 in Lecce, Italy. (1/2001)


Nature carries an article by Ian Foster about the emerging Grid. (12/2000)

NSF announced a collaborative effort involving NPACI, NCSA and the Globus Project to develop a unified Web-based Grid portal. (11/2000)

Red Herring Magazine picks the Globus Project as one of the distributed computing projects to watch in 2001. (11/2000)

The Globus Project shows its Data Grid work and numerous collaborative projects at SC2000. (11/2000)

The Globus Toolkit Public License now governs distribution and use of the Globus Toolkit. (10/2000)

The Globus Toolkit is central to a joint international effort to construct a European Data Grid. (10/2000)

The National Science Foundation announces $156 million in IT Research awards, the largest of which is an ambitious new Grid Physics Network project powered by the Globus Toolkit. (9/2000)

MPICH-G2, a new Grid-enabled implementation of MPI, is now available. (9/2000)

Release 1.1.4 of the Globus Toolkit supports MPICH-G2. (9/2000)

Plans are begun to create the Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation Grid (NEESgrid), using the Globus Toolkit. (8/2000)

The Globus Toolkit 1.1.3 System Administration Guide is now available. (8/2000)

The Grid's momentum is growing, in BBC News. (6/2000)

The Globus Toolkit assists in finding an exact solution to the "nug30" Quadratic Assignment Problem. (6/2000)

Release 1.1.3 of the Globus Toolkit is available. (6/2000)

The Globus Project took over the Access Grid for a groundbreaking two-day event . (5/2000)

NASA features the Globus Toolkit as a key component of their Information Power Grid. (4/2000)

NPACI and SDSC are creating a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that supports the Globus Toolkit and other systems. (3/2000)

Efforts are underway to build a European Grid, in the Financial Times. (3/2000)

Version 1.1.2 of the Globus Toolkit is now available. (3/2000)


Version 1.1.1 of the Globus Toolkit is now available. (12/1999)

Role of Grid discussed by Sid Karin of NPACI. (11/1999)

New paper describes Globus project work on "Data Grid Infrastructure." (9/1999)

Globus Resource Management group demonstrates secure remote bandwidth reservation based on differentiated service mechanisms. (9/1999)

New Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) information, including GSI ssh and ftp installation instructions. (9/1999)

Images and information about some past and present Globus-enabled applications can be found at the Globus Images page. (9/1999)

Globus featured in NPACI enVision magazine. (7/1999)

Globus used in live runs at world's brightest X-Ray source. (6/1999)

The 3rd Annual Globus Retreat was held August 1-3, 1999 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Redondo Beach, CA. (8/1999)

Globus-based aerosciences application featured in NAS News as early Information Power Grid Success story for Globus-based aerosciences application and for Information Power Grid. (03/1999)

Globus featured in NLANR Distributed Computing Tutorial, April 26-27 in Washington, DC. (3/1999)

Globus teams up with leading hair stylist. (2/26/99)

Nimrod-G parameter study tool in the news. (2/16/99)


New papers describe Globus GASS service and Globus QoS Architecture. (11/1998)

Globus user Ed Seidel wins Heinz-Billing award. (11/1998)

Globus team wins HPC Challenge Award at SC'98; 3 other Globus-based applications finalists. (11/1998)

Globus used to achieve real-time, collaborative analysis of Advanced Photon Source data. (11/1998)

Globus v1.0.0 released. (10/29/1998)

Globus at SC'98: Globus featured in a tutorial, innovative application demonstrations, technical papers, HPC Challenge entries. (Orlando, 10/1998

Globus used in iGrid international networking experiments. (10/1998)

Globus featured in NPACI's enVision magazine. (9/1998)

Now available: The Grid: Blueprint for a New Computing Infrastructure , edited by Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman. (7/18/1998)

MPICH Released with the Globus Device .(7/13/1998)

Dr. Kesselman spotted in a tuxedo. (6/18/1998)

Globus tutorials scheduled at HPDC'7 (July 28, Chicago) and NLANR Distributed Computing Workshop (August 5-7, Urbana-Champaign).

New papers describe Globus security, fault detection, and application experiences. (6/1998)

4th retreat for Globus users and developers planned for August 2-4 in Chicago. (5/1998)

MPICH-G, Globus-enabled MPI, passes MPICH test suite. (5/21/1998)

Globus security approved for export by the Department of Commerce. (5/1/1998)

Globus is used in transatlantic interactive visualization of black hole interactions. (4/28/1998)

New Globus Web site design. (4/16/1998)

World's largest distributed interactive simulation run using Globus. (3/16/1998)

Globus project and GUSTO finalist in GII awards. (3/10/1998)

New Globus support for remote file access and resource co-allocation.

Book on computational grids edited by Foster and Kesselman to be published by Morgan Kaufman in July 1998.