Research programmers

We walk where the gods of Corporate Software fear to tread!

So you can use CORBA, JINI, XML, C#, Java, and SOAP with no fear?
Well, that's a start. We're not just looking for people who know how to use this year's hottest technologies. We're looking for people to create the hot technologies for the next decade!

Like the developers of the original Internet software, our programmers develop the first, ground-breaking implementations of Grid protocols, APIs and services. Our software is used by projects all over the world to build large-scale environments for scientific and engineering application, and our proposed standards are being reviewed by the Global Grid Forum and the Internet Engineering Task Force.

We're looking for talented programmers to join our project. Ideal candidates have a both a firm grounding in traditional computer science and familiarity with the latest programming environments. They've also accomplished innovative system-level or network programming of their own. If you've ever added a feature to the Linux kernel, implemented a network protocol, written a multi-threaded message dispatcher, written a web server from scratch, or built a complex distributed computing application (you know who you are!), we want to hear from you!

Employment in the Globus Project offers excellent benefits. For starters, we work with some of the brightest people in the world on cutting-edge scientific and engineering projects. Our salaries are competitive with the software industry, and we provide excellent benefits packages. Our locations include the beaches of Marina del Rey (Los Angeles, CA), the urban culture of Hyde Park (Chicago, IL), and the midwestern quiet of suburban Chicago (Argonne National Laboratory and Univa). We value our quality of life: dress is casual (as a rule), attendance is flexible, and position descriptions are always negotiable.

Applicants should have a BS or higher degree in computer science or a related field, a strong desire to learn about new technologies, an ability to deal with complex and open-ended problems, and a commitment to producing high-quality software.

If you want a job where you can define the leading edge, this is it. For consideration at Argonne, University of Chicago, or USC ISI, send your resume to Please also consider employment at Univa.